Great News for Nintendo Fans, Company Plans to Release ‘Two to Three’ Smartphone Games Every Year

Great News for Nintendo Fans, Company Plans to Release 'Two to Three' Smartphone Games Every Year
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Lauding the success of previous, major-title launches including the uber-popular Pokémon Go, and the more recent Super Mario Run, Nintendo Co. President, Tatsumi Kimishima, told reporters during a recent interview that his company is deeply committed to delivering more new content for smartphones. To that effect, Kimishima suggested that the brilliant minds at Nintendo will churn out between “two and three” new titles each calendar year moving forward, according to a report published early Tuesday morning by The Associated Press.

The news comes just a few days after Nintendo reported better-than-expected earnings of 64.7 billion yen ($569 million) during the October-December quarter. This newfound success, at least in part, was fueled by the release of those two titles, both of which brought, and still continue to bring in millions for the Japanese gaming-giant.

Even despite the success of those titles, however, investors remained wary on Tuesday morning, primarily in light of Nintendo’s recent announcement of the forthcoming, $299 Switch game console, which ultimately brought the company’s stock down about 2 percent on the Tokyo (TYO) exchange.

The Nintendo Switch, announced earlier this year, will be the Nintendo’s next big splash in the gaming console space, and will offer users a unique new ‘hybrid’ gaming experience — offering dual, mobile- or home-based gaming, depending on the wants and needs of the user, for just $299. Pre-orders for the console are currently sold out in most markets; however the device, itself, is anticipated to start shipping later this March. Even despite the thrill of a new and exciting game console, investors are not too thrilled with Nintendo’s strategy of trying to “stay in the black,” according to Kimishima, by endeavoring to profit on the console, itself, as well as the games.

Game makers oftentimes sell their consoles at a big financial loss — with the hopes, of course, that they’ll eventually be able to make up for those lost profits by selling game titles. As Kimishima mentioned during Nintendo’s annual business strategy briefing, there are currently upwards of 70 game developers working on over 100 different titles for the Switch console, which will play games that are embedded on small, SD card-sized cartridges. Originally, Nintendo had said there were as many as 50 individual developers working on about 80 different titles for the Switch — so it appears that others have been jumping on board since the console went up for pre-order.

As far as Nintendo’s next moves are pertinent: the company is already gearing up to release two new titles for the iOS platform — Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing — later this year. It’s not entirely clear if these titles will constitute Nintendo’s major launches for 2017, or if the company is secretly at work on other games. But in either case, Kimishima’s promise of two to three titles a year is bound to excite Nintendo fans around the world who are ready and eager to play.

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