Thieves Swipe $22K in Apple Products from Upscale Arkansas Store

Apple The Promenade At Chenal Little Rock Ar Credit: Facebook
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Arkansas police are currently on the lookout for a group of “between four and six” brazen thieves who, over the weekend, allegedly made their way into and stole as much as $22,000 worth of high-tech merchandise from Apple’s Little Rock, Arkansas retail store.

According to a report from local FOX News affiliate, Channel 16, the group supposedly made their way into Apple’s upscale Promenade at Chenal Apple Store at around 8:45 p.m. on Saturday evening — at whence they brazenly “stacked up laptops and cell phones off display tables” inside.

A copy of the police report obtained by FOX News states that, prior to stacking and rushing the merchandise out the retail location’s back door, the suspects allegedly severed the security cables fastening them to their display cases.

Apple Store employees at the scene reported finding at least one iPhone model and one MacBook which the band of burglars supposedly dropped on their way out.

In total, the location accounted for the following stolen products and its subsequent losses (according to Fox).

  • 75 iPhones totaling $16,200
  • 7 MacBook Pro laptops totaling $4,995
  • 7 MacBook Air laptops totaling $999
  • 7 iPad Mini tablets totaling $399

Incriminatingly, the police report notes that video surveillance footage which captured the incident as it unfolded was being examined by local law enforcement — though the group remains still at large.

While unfortunate, it’s of course worth pointing out that this incident is merely the latest in a seemingly endless string of high-profile and high-stakes burglaries carried out at Apple Store locations across the country — which are often considered hot targets for thefts of this magnitude, given their easily accessible glass facades, and the high value of everything inside.

Be sure to check out some of the previous — and in some instances, even far more brazen — Apple Store burglaries that’ve transpired from coast to coast in recent years below.

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