Firmware Reveals HomePod’s Display Resolution, Memory Specs

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Apple on Friday released the HomePod’s firmware, something Cupertino typically does ahead of a device’s launch to allow developers to get acquainted with its features and capabilities. And beyond some discoveries concerning the iPhone 8, the recently published firmware has also revealed some interesting tidbits about HomePod itself.

HomePod Display Resolution

For one, the HomePod’s screen — which blends in seamlessly with the top of the device — is clocked at a 272 x 340 resolution, according to developer Avery Magnotti, who posted portions of the code on Twitter. As we’ve seen before, the speaker’s screen will be used primarily for displaying a multi-color LED waveform when interacting with Siri on the device, but will also feature virtual buttons for Siri and speaker controls. It’s possible that HomePod’s screen could display other symbols or information, though due to the relative spareness of leaks, it’s currently hard to confirm the display’s full capabilities.

Additional HomePod Specs

Magnotti’s tweet also reveals that the HomePod will be equipped with 1 gigabyte of RAM, equivalent to the amount of memory installed in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (for comparison’s sake, the iPhone 7 has 3GB of RAM). Additionally, like the iPhone 6 lineup, HomePod will also run on an Apple A8 chipset. Together, the device’s RAM and processor will give Apple’s first standalone speaker considerable power — head and shoulders above competing smart speakers. Presumably, it’s this power that’ll allow for HomePod’s “spatial awareness” and other innovative sound-related tech.

Along with Siri functionality and advanced acoustic technologies, HomePod will also sport seven tweeters and an upward-facing woofer, allowing for incredible sound compared to other smart home speakers currently on the market. The device will retail for $349 and will be available in Space Gray and White come December.

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