Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Pricing Leaks Make iPhone X Seem Affordable

Samsung-Galaxy-S91 Credit: XEETECHCARE
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We have less than a week to go before Samsung unveils its Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagships, though we already know just about everything there is to know about them, including a number of their key specifications, physical design, release date and more.

According to a new GSMArena report, which cites multiple mobile industry sources in the United Kingdom and Norway, we now [potentially] have an idea of what the S9 and S9+ will cost when they finally hit store shelves sometime in mid-March — though each source appears to hint at a slightly different price point.

Techradar confirmed that a 64 GB Galaxy S9 will retail for £739 ($912) in the United Kingdom — marking a £50 ($61) price hike relative to a Galaxy S8 with the same storage.

The publication went on to note that sources originally cited the S9 could cost as much as £100 ($123) more than its predecessor, the Galaxy S8. However, “A £100 price hike from the S8 is no longer on the cards and it’s looking much more like a £50 increase instead,” said one U.K. mobile industry source cited in the report.

Interestingly, U.K.-based mobile phone specialists, Clove Technology, cite on their website that an unlocked Galaxy S9 will retail for even more — as much as £800 ($986.90), which is just a few dollars more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cost when it launched last September.

In Norway, meanwhile, at least one mobile industry source alleges that a 64 GB version of the Galaxy S9 will cost as much as 8,790 NOK ($1,121) while a Galaxy S9+ of the same capacity will cost a whopping 9,790 Norwegian Krone ($1,248).

Given that the S9 duo hasn’t officially been released yet, we highly recommend taking these pricing details with an extra grain of salt.

Moreover, while the price of U.S. Galaxy S9 and S9+ variants was not revealed, it’s definitely worth pointing out that the price of mobile phones in European countries generally runs higher than here in the U.S.

So while it’s somewhat difficult to discern what they could cost through a U.S. carrier like T-Mobile or Verizon — if anything is apparent from these pricing leaks, it’s that U.S. customers holding out for the Galaxy S9 or S9+ should be prepared to pay a premium, too.

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