Newest Version of Gorilla Glass Survives 80% of 5 Foot Drops

Newest Version of Gorilla Glass Survives 80% of 5' Drops
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We’ve all probably dropped our phones at least once. And in that split second before our expensive handheld hits the ground, we often fear the worst.

But Corning, a glassmaking company, has been consistently trying to make us feel more secure in our phone’s ability to handle a drop. Their Gorilla Glass formulation is used in hundreds of different devices.

And now, the company said their newest version is stronger than ever.

Gorilla Glass 5 is designed to improve a phone’s chances of surviving a waist- to shoulder-height drop. In their testing, the company said that the new version survived 80 percent of 5-foot drops, according to The Verge.

Corning has been making their Gorilla Glass for years, and has been a long-time supplier to phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung.

The glassmaking company uses a special technique to develop and manufacture its Gorilla Glass. First, they use a process to ensure that the glass is exceptionally thin and pure, according to TechRadar.

Then, the company uses a chemical process to strengthen their product to make it stronger and more resistant to scratches.

The result? Screens that are incredibly damage-resistant when compared to regular glass — although not damage-proof, as we all probably know.

The Verge notes a few caveats with the new version though. The testing was done with 0.6mm glass, and if smartphone manufacturers use a thinner glass for their screens, the results could be different.

We should expect to hear about about Gorilla Glass 5 in the next few months, the company said. The new version is currently in production, and there’s a decent chance we’ll see it included in tech events in the fall, according to The Verge.

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