Bizarre Vladimir Putin-inspired Nokia 3310 Available Soon

Nokia Putin 3310
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Nokia’s relaunch the iconic 3310 was strange enough, but now it seems one Russian phone company is making the phone’s comeback even stranger.

Caviar, a company known for their bespoke versions of popular smartphones and other tech devices, has released a custom version of the Nokia 3310 that pays tribute to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Fittingly, the bizarre device has been dubbed the “Supremo Putin” by the company.

The Supremo Putin’s titanium and gold-plated construction reflects the “luxury, style and character of president Putin, the most popular man in Russia,” the company said. If that wasn’t patriotic enough, the back of the phone is emblazoned with a Renaissance-inspired gold portrait of the Russian politician and hand-engraved lines from the Russian national anthem. The Italy-based, Russian-owned company called the 3310’s limited capabilities a welcome change from an “endless flow of information.”

This isn’t the first time that Caviar has taken a normal object to another level of bespoke opulence. The company’s catalog also includes an onyx-composite version of the iPhone 7, a “Supremo Putin” iPhone 7 Plus, a white gold version of the Apple Watch Series 2, and even a gold-plated Makarov air pistol adorned with a Putin quote: “Military service has always been the mainstay of the Russian state.”

Nokia’s 3310 re-launch itself was one of four devices that the company unveiled last weekend at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — the other three being a trio of mid-range, Android-based smartphones. Of course, as far as attention and media coverage, the iconic 3310 stole much of the show. Nokia’s comeback is all thanks to a Finnish company called HMD Global, who won the licensing rights to start creating Nokia-branded smartphones.

The company is selling their custom 3310 for ?9,9000, about $1,700 in U.S. currency. It’s currently available for pre-order, according to their website.

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