Doctor Discovers an Eye-Opening Use of the iPhone 13’s New Macro Mode

iPhone 13 Pro Max Credit: Media Whalestock / Shutterstock
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Apple is known for its cutting-edge smartphone cameras, so it’s not surprising that it beefed up the camera in the iPhone 13 Pro by (finally) adding a macro mode. What is astonishing, however, is how some people are using this close-up camera technology.

Tommy Korn, MD is an ophthalmologist who also is an iPhone 13 Pro Max owner. But, instead of taking photos of capricious undersized things, doctor Korn uses the phone’s camera in an eye-opening way.

He discovered that the macro mode is not only suitable for capturing tiny objects like flowers and bugs – it’s also outstanding at capturing highly detailed images of people’s eyes.

Korn uses this new macro mode to capture a snapshot of the eye so he can review it and refer to it later when needed. Korn described how the technology helped him treat a patient who had a cornea transplant.

As part of the recovery process, the doctor needs to track the healing of an abrasion that occurs during the transplant. A series of images shared to LinkedIn show how this abrasion resolved itself within three days.

Korn said in his post that he was “Impressed” with the iPhone 13’s macro mode and added that this “will innovate patient eye care & telemedicine.”

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