Depth Illusion Tech Might Change the Way We View iOS Content Forever

Theparallaxview Iphone X True Depth Credit: Peder Norrby
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Not only is Apple’s TrueDepth camera system years ahead of its closest competition, but the iPhone X’s front-facing camera hardware is capable of carrying out a wide range of photo and video feats — relying on a trifecta of advanced sensors including a dot projector, flood illuminator and infrared sensor to create a “depth-mapped mesh” of its user’s face.

iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera — which is rumored to replace the Home button and Touch ID on all of Apple’s 2018 iPhone models — is a technological milestone, instrumental in facilitating Face ID biometric security, Animoji, and more on Apple’s thousand-dollar flagship.

If a new app dubbed ‘TheParallaxView’ ever makes it way onto the iOS App Store we could technically see a whole new side of what Apple’s TrueDepth technology is truly capable of.

Enter YouTuber and app developer, Peder Norrby, who earlier this week showcased a concept of his app creation in a vlog post titled “TheParallaxView ? Illusion of depth by 3D head tracking on iPhone X.”

Additional details about the app, which he says was submitted to Apple for review but has not yet been approved, are incredibly scant at this time. However Norrby asserts that he’s in the process of spelling out the details in an article which we’re certainly looking forward to getting our hands and eyes on.

In the interim, he provided a captivating video showing off what TheParallaxView is capable of using Apple’s TrueDepth camera. Check out the video below, and brace yourself for utter fascination!

Norrby explains that his app utilizes TrueDepth technology to carry out 3D head and eye tracking — what he describes as a position-based mechanism which orients the graphics with the position of a user’s focal point/head orientation.

If approved by Apple, TheParallaxView could potentially have huge implications on the future of iOS gaming and how we view, engage, and even interact with digital content. Given the scant details we’ll just have sit tight and keep our eyes peeled for updates on this mechanism.

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