Can Escobar Inc. Sell a 24K Gold iPhone 11 Pro for Less Than Apple?

Gold iPhone 11 Pro Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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iPhone scams are a dime a dozen these days. People have been making and selling knockoff iPhones since the first one came out. You can get an “iPhone” for less than a hundred bucks. Sure, it’s going to be a cheap plastic “iPhone” running Android 6, but sometimes things really are too good to be true.

Enter the Escobar iPhone. This golden iPhone has been making headlines for a while now, but you’re probably still confused about this whole deal. 

Needless to say, this is an iPhone you need to skip. Yes, it’s technically a real iPhone, but you won’t be getting it any time soon, so don’t waste your money on this one. Here’s the story behind the Escobar Gold 11 Pro.

The Company Behind It All – Escobar Inc.

Escobar Inc. has been around for a while now. You’ve probably heard about it when the company decided to make a replica of the “Not a Flamethrower” that Elon Musk made a couple of years ago.

Escobar Inc. is a company cofounded and run by Roberto Escobar, the Chief of Assassinations of the Medellin Cartel. It sounds crazy until you realize Roberto is the brother of famous drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Instead of following his brother’s path, Roberto Escobar decided to move to the tech world, although not in the most legitimate way possible.

The Escobar Fold

After Escobar Inc. was done with its flamethrower, the company started focusing on smartphones. They first started selling gold foldable smartphones called the Escobar Fold 1.

What caught the attention of many people was the price. While most folding phones have a price of almost $2,000, the Escobar Folding Phone was only $349.

This caused a lot of people to order the Escobar Folding Phone. It was too good of an offer not to get one. Some people tried to buy one, but they never actually received the smartphone.

A few months went by and Escobar Inc. surprised the online world again with the Escobar Fold 2, a smartphone that was too similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold that had been officially released before. That, of course, wasn’t a coincidence since the company literally used the Galaxy Fold and added a layer of gold with the Escobar Inc. Logo on top.

Escobar Inc. knew this and didn’t really care. Besides using Samsung’s phone, Escobar Inc. also stated that it was the end for Samsung. It went even as far as buying the domain, which would redirect you to the Escobar Inc. website where you could get the Escobar Fold 2.

And once again, Escobar Inc. “sold” the Fold 2 at an incredible price, just $399. Naturally, or I should say unfortunately, many people tried getting this phone but ended up disappointed by the end result.

Most people didn’t get anything and the people that did receive a package from Escobar Inc. didn’t get the Escobar Fold 2. Instead, they got some sort of letter that said they were the owners of the Escobar Fold 2, and that they would eventually get it. Also, they got a book written by the Chief of Assassinations himself.

The book was called I Made Billions Selling Coke Now My Smartphones Will Destroy Apple and Samsung. An interesting title for a book they never asked for.

Everyone who tried to buy the phone got scammed. No one who bought the phone actually got it. Instead, Escobar Inc. delivered the Escobar Fold 2 to a few influencers and tech YouTubers so people would think the company is actually sending them.

Escobar Inc. Goes After Apple

Just like the title of the book said, Escobar Inc. went after Apple. A few months later, Escobar Inc. repeated the formula of the Fold 2, now using the iPhone Pro instead.

Escobar Inc. released the Escobar Gold 11 Pro, a 256GB iPhone 11 Pro at the cheap price of $499.

Just like the Escobar Fold, the Gold 11 made a lot of headlines. Again, some tech YouTubers started getting this iPhone without even asking them for permission.

This time, Escobar Inc. stated that these iPhones were bought in bad condition and the company repaired them to resell them at a cheaper price. While this could be true, it’s highly unlikely.

This scam was the same as the last one. They made the same videos that showed more women than the phone itself, they bought the domain as they did with Samsung, and they only delivered the Escobar Gold 11 to people who had a large fanbase, hoping to get the same level of attention they got in the past. So I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you.

An iPhone Not Worth Getting

If you go to the Escobar Inc. website or to you’ll still find the Escobar Gold 11 Pro on sale. I think it goes without saying that you should not try to buy this iPhone. Unless you want the Chief of Assassinations to know your shipping address, and the chance to get his book, you’re better off saving your money for when Apple releases the iPhone 12 later this year.

The sad part is, a gold Escobar iPhone could work. Pablo Escobar was such a well-known man that I’m sure people would buy an official Escobar iPhone, even if it’s more expensive than the regular iPhone. But in the end, a scam is faster and cheaper to pull off than actual business.

We don’t know which company Escobar Inc. will try to destroy next. Maybe they’ll sell the “iPhone 12” before Apple does. Still, as weird as that sounds coming from us, that iPhone is not worth buying.

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