Avoid (or Buy) These Apple Products Right Now | Apple Buyer’s Guide ’21-’22

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The holiday season is already here, and I am pretty sure some of you are planning to gift Apple tech to loved ones. Apple products are the best in their respective fields, and they never disappoint.

However, there is one major concern about buying technology: the fear of using your brand new product for a few weeks, then discovering there’s already a new version out.

That’s why we’re here – so you know which products not to be afraid of (and which ones you may want to avoid). So let’s get to it!

Which iPhones to Consider

Right now, Apple sells the iPhone SE, 11, 12, 13, and 13 Pro. However, do not be afraid to buy the last two models because they were announced in September and will not be updated again until late 2022.

In my opinion, these are the best smartphones on the market, and you can gift them for Christmas with a clear conscience.

If you are planning to buy the iPhone 12 or the 12 mini, I would advise against it. Don’t get me wrong, they are great devices and will remain so for years to come, but for only $100 more, the iPhone 13 is the better choice.

I would only recommend the 12 if you can find it heavily discounted. If that’s not the case, you are better off with the iPhone 13.

If you are looking for a budget iPhone that’s still very powerful, then the iPhone 11 is for you. If you find a good deal, you should grab it. It will last for many years and will not cost much.

There is only one iPhone left, the iPhone SE. I would stay away from this one. It launched back in 2020, and its battery likely will not last a full day no matter how little you try to use it. An update is in the works and should be out soon. So if you can wait, do so, or you may regret it.

Which iPads to Consider

If you go to an Apple Store, you will see that there are currently four models available for purchase. The iPad Pro, the iPad, the iPad mini, and the iPad Air. I’ll keep this short; all of them are a good purchase.

If you are worried about a new iPad coming soon, I’d probably skip the iPad Air, because there’s a small chance Apple will unveil a new one in the near future – but that’s by no means confirmed.

All of the newer iPads are great. No matter which one you buy, you or the recipient will love it for years.

Which Macs to Consider

Apple currently sells the MacBook Air, a few MacBook Pros, a couple of iMacs, a Mac mini, and a Mac Pro. I’ll skip the latter because you are reading a Christmas shopping guide, and I can’t imagine anyone giving a Mac Pro for Christmas.

Let’s start with the MacBook Air. It’s a great device, fast, quiet, and has a 20-hour battery. I love it. In fact, I am writing this article from my M1 MacBook Air. However, there will be a new model coming out soon, probably in June, but that is uncertain at the moment. We have shown you CAD files and renders, which you should definitely check out.

As much as I love this computer, I think your best bet right now is to wait until this new M2 MacBook Air launches in 2022.

However, if you are looking for a MacBook Pro, you should definitely check out the new models Apple announced in October. These are 100% worth buying now.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, there’s always the previous-gen M1 MacBook Pro, but I’d stay away from that and wait for the M2 MacBook Air, which will be better in terms of battery life and performance.

If you prefer a desktop computer, you are left with three options. The 24″ iMac, the 27″ iMac, and the Mac mini.

The 24″ iMac is a great choice. Not only is it good-looking and thin, but it also has excellent speakers, an amazing display, and a powerful processor – it’s the best of the three above.

The Mac mini is also a great computer, but it’s due for an update soon, so I’d try to avoid it. There’s a chance the new Mac mini will not replace the current one, but it will probably lower its current price a bit, so I’d recommend waiting if you can. However, if you need one now, buy it, you’ll be fine with it.

The last device is the 27″ Intel iMac. I’ll be clear. Do not buy it. No matter how badly you need a 27″ computer, do not buy it. If you need one immediately, get a Mac mini and a 27″ monitor, but don’t consider the Intel iMac. It’s extremely outdated and not worth it at all. There will be a redesigned 27″ iMac in the first quarter of 2022. If you can wait, buy the new one when Apple releases it.

Which Apple Watches to Consider

It’s a gift that always works. A lot of people buy Apple Watches for Christmas. Right now Apple is selling the Series 7, the SE, and the Series 3.

First, let me say that you should stay away from the latter. I don’t know why Apple continues to sell the Series 3. It can barely support new software updates and its technology is extremely outdated. It launched over 1,500 days ago.

The only options you have left are the Series 7 and the SE.

Personally, I would recommend the Series 7. I’ve had it since launch and love it. However, if you are on a budget, the Apple Watch SE is also a great option, and no updates are expected until at least September 2022

Which AirPods to Consider

Apple currently sells four models. The second-generation AirPods, the AirPods Pro, the AirPods Max, and the third-generation AirPods. All for are great options. I would avoid the AirPods Pro at full price, but if you can find them for around $160-$190, they are a great deal. I do not expect an upgrade until late 2022.

The second-gen AirPods are good, but I’d recommend you get the third-gen AirPods because they offer more features and are more future-proof for just a little more money.

The AirPods Max are expensive, but if you or someone you want to gift them to someone who loves high-fidelity music, they are a great investment that will certainly be worth the money. Though, I would try to find them on sale at stores like Amazon.

Which Apple TVs to Consider

Apple currently sells two Apple TVs. A 4K model and an HD model. Stay away from the latter, if you want one go for the 4K model, it is way better in every single aspect, and the processor is notably more powerful.

Other Products to Consider

Most Apple accessories are a good purchase. The Apple Pencil is great, Apple cases, and Apple Watch bands are great too, etc.

One specific device is a great gift and isn’t very expensive, and that’s the HomePod mini. If you want to surprise someone with a great quality speaker with a decent voice assistant, this is what you should be looking for. Apple also announced new colors this October, so it is your chance to get one. I don’t expect an update any time soon, so you should be perfectly fine with it.

I hope that you liked this buyer’s guide and found it useful. Thank you for reading! Happy holidays!

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