Apple’s Supplier Experiencing Dynamic Island-Related Issues on iPhone 15 OLED Displays

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Apple is widely expected to expand its Dynamic Island feature to all four iPhone 15 models, which will likely be unveiled this September. However, one of the Cupertino company’s OLED display panel suppliers, BOE Technology, is having issues mass-producing the display panels.

A new report from the Korean-language website The Elec says China’s BOE is experiencing problems with light leaks around the Dynamic Island portion of the displays. (The section of the display where the pill and cutouts reside. The section provides space for the iPhone’s Face ID and TrueDepth camera components.)

BOE has been contracted by Apple to mass-produce the OLED display panels to be used in Apple’s base 6.1-inch iPhone 15 model. While BOE may be having issues with its display production, the report indicates that LG Display and Samsung have not been having similar production issues. The two companies will share mass production of OLED display panels for Apple’s “iPhone 15 Pro” 6.1-inch model, as well as the two larger “iPhone 15 Plus” and “iPhone 15 Pro Max” 6.7-inch models.

Apple reportedly required its OLED display panel suppliers to use Edge Light Blocking (ELB) as well as other advanced process technologies, which is designed to prevent light leaks around the camera lens, like BOE is having issues with. Unfortunately, BOE has apparently had issues with this solution. The Elec report says BOE has “failed to meet the stringent standards required by Apple.”

The light leakage issue will likely impair BOE’s ability to produce iPhone 15 OLED display panels for the first round of mass production, which should begin sometime around June.

If the issues continue, BOE’s OLED panels will likely be used to repair and refurbish iPhone 15 models, rather than being used for new iPhones. LG and Samsung will likely be asked to pick up the OLED display panel production slack. However, their additional participation will depend on the pair’s production capacities.

The Dynamic Island is a pill-shaped section that surrounds the iPhone’s Face ID sensors and front camera near the top of the display. The feature is currently an exclusive feature of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which hit the market last September. Apple is expected to expand the innovative new feature to the entire iPhone 15 lineup, which will likely debut in the fall.

Dynamic Island displays notifications, alerts, and activities, all in real time. The feature provides easier access to controls with a simple tap-and-hold. Dynamic Island also provides an area for background activities – including the Apple Music and Maps apps, as well as timers to remain visible while also accepting interactions.

At least a few iPhone developers have thought outside of the pill when it comes to apps. Developer Kriss Smolka developed and released a game using the Dynamic Island in a Pong/Breakout type of game. The game, called “Hit The Island,” requires players to use a paddle at the bottom of the iPhone’s display to hit a ball up to hit the Dynamic Island to score a point.

Earlier today we reported that iPhone 16 could finally get Under-Display Face ID to get rid of the Dynamic Island.

An earlier version of this article was published by Mactrast.

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