Apple’s iPhone 11 May Have a Wireless Charging Problem

iPhone 11 Credit: James Martin / CNET
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Some iPhone 11 users are reporting that the Qi-based wireless charging feature on their new handsets is broken.

The reports, spread across the Apple Support Communities, suggest that the problem isn’t necessarily tied to any sort of user error, but is instead an actual issue with the iPhone’s hardware or software.

iPhone 11 Wireless Charging Problem

In a nutshell, users report that Qi wireless charging is just straight-up broken on certain iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models.

Users report placing their iPhones on a wireless charger. After they do, the iPhone may even recognize the charger. But in all of the reported cases, the iPhone will fail to charge and may become hot in the process.

This doesn’t seem to be tied to a brand or specification of charger, either. Users report running into the problem using Apple-sold devices, as well as third-party wireless chargers.

Similarly, users report that the problem occurs with or without a case on the iPhone. (Wireless charging won’t work with a metal case.)

At least one user even tied their iPhone to the wireless charging pad to ensure that it was making contact — but to no avail.

It’s not clear how widespread the problem is, but there do appear to be enough reports to suggest that it isn’t an isolated issue.

What’s Causing the iPhone 11 Wireless Charging Problem?

As far as the specific cause of the bug, reports are inconsistent. It isn’t clear if it’s a hardware or a software issue.

Some users reported that the bug first surfaced after installing iOS 13.1 or one of its point releases (iOS 13.1.1 and iOS 13.1.2). That could suggest that it’s a software bug introduced with one of those releases.

This theory may hold water especially because Apple actually cut charging speeds for certain off-brand and non-certified chargers.

While the bug doesn’t appear to be tied to a charger’s brand or Qi certification, it’s possible that the two areas are related or are caused by the same code.

Still, most reports don’t mention which software an impacted iPhone is running. One user said that they purchased two iPhones 11 devices and one of them had a broken wireless charging system right out of the box.

Can You Fix It?

Because the problem doesn’t appear to be caused by user error, there doesn’t seem to be much that users can do about it.

It is worth noting, however, that some users found that a simple restart actually fixed the issue. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll fix it for you – but it’s worth a shot.

  1. Press and release volume up.
  2. Press and release volume down.
  3. Hold the power button until the Apple logo appears.

In the meantime, it’s worth sending feedback to Apple and making sure to download iOS 13 updates as they become available. If it’s software-based, Apple is likely to issue a fix in the near future.

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