Apple’s First iPad with Retina Display Classified Obsolete

Apple's First iPad with Retina Display Classified Obsolete Credit: iFixit
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Although it was just over five-and-a-half years ago when the late Steve Jobs unveiled his company’s first iPad with Retina display, an internal memo issued to Apple retail stores and authorized service providers last week indicates that the five-year-young tablet will be added to Cupertino’s growing list of vintage and obsolete products, effective October 31, 2017.

What Does ‘Classified Obsolete’ Mean?

Apple has a running list of older products which it’s classified “vintage or obsolete.” These are products that have been in circulation for at least five-years since their initial launch — after which point Apple directs its retail stores and authorized service providers to stop offering repairs and service on them, mainly because, by that time, the components used within them have become obsolete themselves.

MacRumors, who was first to verify the memo and certify its authenticity, noted that both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/3G Cellular variants of the third-generation iPad will be “classified obsolete” in markets around the world — except for in the state of California, and Turkey, as certain legalities affecting the tablet’s warranty status in those regions will stay in place until 2019, the memo notes.

In California, where Apple’s main offices are headquartered, customers will for example be able to receive service on their third-generation iPads by either visiting an Apple Store or calling Apple Support at 1-800-275-2273 until further notice.

Apple’s third-generation iPad with Retina display holds the honor of being the company’s last iPad with the old-school 30-pin dock connector, and will be joining the ranks of other retired Apple products, including the original iPad from 2010, an assortment of iPhone models and more.

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