Two Female Suspects Wanted for Stealing $6K in Apple Products

Vb Apple Store Shoplifters Credit: WAVY
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Both Apple’s products and its open-feel retail stores are distinctly and beautifully designed; however this catch-22 has unfortunately rendered them both hot-button targets for nefarious actors looking to get their hands on all of the high-value gadgets they can without paying at the register.

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In just the last few months alone we’ve reported on a number of Apple Store burglaries that’ve taken place across the country — and especially in the state of California, where authorities in over a dozen counties last week announced their apprehension of 17 individuals affiliated with a highly-organized crime ring and Apple Store theft operation. 

But, over the weekend of September 29th and 30th, across the country in Virginia Beach, Virginia, there was yet another Apple Store burglary taking place.

According to local News station WAVY Channel 10, authorities in Virginia Beach are actively looking to identify two female suspects who are accused of stealing more than $6,000 worth of Apple devices over the course of the two-day weekend. 

The thefts, which witnesses say mainly consisted of Apple Watch devices, reportedly took place at the Lynnhaven Mall Apple Store in VA Beach, VA, where the suspects were even caught on surveillance video in the act.

Photos of the two suspects, shown below, was recently released courtesy of the Virginia Beach Police Department.

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Anyone with information about the Lynnhaven Mall thefts, or the two suspects pictured, is encouraged to contact the Virginia Beach Crime Solvers at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

Vb Shoplifters 2 1539226280415.jpg 58588888 Ver1.0 640 360

An Apple a Day?

It’s almost troubling to think about how many Apple-related theft reports we’ve covered in the last few years, alone. And we’re not just talking Apple Store thefts, either, which are arguably the most commonly reported episodes.. But also the high-stakes and high-value theft operations, in which bands of thieves have come together and, in the past, stolen anywhere from $13k to as much as $370k in Apple products, straight from the source.

Luckily, Cupertino appears to have caught onto the trend of its stores being burglarized, and in response the company has even hired live and armed police officers to act as de-facto bouncers at some of its highest-traffic stores in the state of California.

Sadly, it’s unclear at this point how those preventive measures will work out in the long run.. Since most Apple Stores are purposefully designed to offer customers a modern, inviting, and high-quality shopping experience, unfortunately they might always and forever be prime targets for those despicable enough to take advantage.

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