Thieves Intercept UPS Truck, Steal $370K Worth of iPhone X Units

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Three “husky” men driving a white Dodge caravan reportedly intercepted a UPS truck in broad daylight this week, which was en route to deliver a shipment of iPhone X devices to the Apple Stonestown Store in San Francisco, California, according to a police report.

Between approximately 11:15 and 11:30 am on Wednesday, police say, the bandits managed to make their way into the cargo compartment of the UPS truck; and within just 15 minutes were able to make away with 313 iPhone X devices totaling close to $370,000, according to the report.

The driver of the UPS truck asserts that he locked the cargo compartment of his vehicle ahead of the interception, however a janitor employed by the shipping company has apparently provided police with a photo of the suspects, which he managed to snap while they were hauling the large shipping boxes into their van.

Fortunately, in a sign these thugs will ultimately be brought to justice, each of the iPhone X units stolen had been catalogued by description and serial number in Apple’s database, which could ultimately make them easier to locate. Police are still conducting their investigation, CNET notes, while adding that customers who were hoping to pick up an iPhone X from Apple Stonestown this morning will still be able to.

A History of High-Profile Heists

Apple’s iPhone devices have long been the target of brazen and high-profile thefts, which are often carried out by bands of thieves who’ve only become increasingly crafty in their methods over the years. Of course, what makes today’s theft so significant is that it not only occurred on the eve of Apple releasing its most highly-anticipated iPhone device ever, but the sheer value of what was stolen is so significant, itself, these guys are in for quite the punishment.

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