Apple Watch: Is Now a Bad Time to Upgrade to the Series 4?

Apple Watch Credit: Daniel Korpai
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When it comes to buying an Apple Watch, there’s no time like the present. Current Apple Watches are powerful, convenient and potentially life-saving devices. But with a new generation of Apple’s flagship wearable on the horizon, is that still true?

If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch, but are unsure if you should wait for the Apple Watch Series 5, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The Series 5 Might Not Be Groundbreaking…

The Apple Watch Series 5 is largely expected to be an incremental upgrade. In fact, a recent Bloomberg report indicates that the changes to the device will be “more muted” this year.

It’s expected to come in new ceramic and titanium case options, which may be attractive choices. But based on the current information, the Apple Watch’s design will remain pretty much the same. It’s also likely to come with routine updates like a faster processor, and possibly more storage.

Apple could add other incremental upgrades, like new OLED materials, better battery life, or more autonomy-aimed features. But those are probably not substantial reasons to wait it out for the Apple Watch Series 5 to drop.

There don’t appear to be any incredibly innovative new features on the table for the Series 5 (yet). Some possibilities, like a non-invasive glucose monitor and a camera-equipped smart band, have been pulled from patent applications. That means there’s no guarantee they’ll end up on the Series 5.

In other words, the Apple Watch Series 5 may not be worth waiting for if you’re in the market for a new wearable right now. On the other hand, there is one reason why you may want to hold off on buying an Apple Watch until the new generation is released.

…But You May Still Want to Wait

All of this is to say that there may not be many reasons to choose an Apple Watch Series 5 over an Apple Watch Series 4. And, in fact, there may be a great reason to opt for the older model — just not yet.

When Apple debuts new Apple Watches, it typically keeps the last generation in its product lineup at a reduced price point. The Apple Watch Series 3, for example, saw a price drop from $329 to $279.

We expect the same thing to happen with the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Apple Watch Series 5. The former model will likely see a price drop, while the Series 5 will overtake its former price tier.

Basically, you could save some money if you wait to buy an Apple Watch Series 4 until next month. Of course, there’s no telling how much money you’ll save until Apple announces the new lineup and prices.

Apple Watch Series 5 Release Date

As far as how long you’ll have to wait, Apple is likely to debut the new Apple Watch generation alongside its iPhones at a keynote event next month. Based on historical patterns and current rumors, that keynote is likely to take place on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

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