iOS 13 Beta 7 Just Leaked the Release Date of the New iPhone Lineup

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Apple on Thursday released iOS 13 beta 7 and beta 6 to registered developers and public software testers respectively. The betas can now be downloaded as over-the-air updates on compatible devices.

As far as what’s new, there aren’t many major user-facing changes. But, interestingly, the new betas could confirm when new iPhones will drop (and when iOS 13 will officially be released).

iPhone Release Date Confirmation

Arguably the most notable new addition to iOS 13 beta 7 is a hidden image file that could confirm the exact date when Apple’s upcoming iPhones will be released.

The image, quietly titled “HoldForRelease,” is actually a screenshot of an iPhone Home screen apparently shown to users during the new device setup process.

The calendar in the screenshot is set to the 10th and Tuesday — which lines up almost perfectly with current rumors suggesting Apple will announce new iPhones on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Normally, that would just be speculation. But Brazilian site iHelpBR actually found a similar screenshot last year with the date set to Tuesday the 12th. As you might have guessed by now, Apple released new iPhones last year on Sept. 12, 2018.

Minor Changes

That isn’t the only change spotted in iOS 13 beta 7. But as the beta testing process winds down, the changes are becoming sparser and more minor. Here are some of the other things that are new.

  1. “Find My” Updates. There’s a new “Help a Friend” button in Find My that opens so another user can find their device on your iPhone. Notify When Found should now work properly, too.
  2. Blocked Senders. Apple has added new options to determine what’s done with emails from blocked senders in Mail — including sending those messages to the trash or marking them as blocked in the inbox.
  3. Photos View. Photos in the All Photos view are now displayed in a three-across grid.
  4. Folder Color. Apple has rolled back the folder transparency in the newest beta. They’re now back to normal.
  5. Messages Bug Fixes. Users should now be able to delete photos and attachments as normal. Name and photo sharing appear to be working properly as well.
  6. Dark Mode. Apple has changed “light appearance” and “dark appearance” in the Control Center to “Light Mode” and “Dark Mode.”
  7. Other Minor Changes. Apple has also fixed a bug preventing Do Not Disturb syncing between iPhone and Apple Watch, and has subtly tweaked the microphone icon on the keyboard and the size of the 3D Touch menus.

When Will iOS 13 Be Released?

As we mentioned, Apple is very likely to hold its annual iPhone keynote on Tuesday, Sept. 10. That means that pre-orders will likely open on Friday, Sept. 13 and devices will begin hitting store shelves and shipping out to consumers on Sept. 20.

Based on Apple’s past release patterns, the company typically releases new versions of iOS about two days or so before new iPhones launch. That suggests that iOS 13 will officially drop on Sept. 18.

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