Apple to Deliver Substantial Donations to Italy, Silicon Valley Amid Crisis

Apple Store Credit: thanat sasipatanapa / Shutterstock
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Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple would make a “substantial donation” to relief efforts in coronavirus-ravaged Italy.

The donation will be made to the Protezione Civile and will include medical supplies and more.

Cook announced the donation on Twitter calling out the first responders, medical personnel and volunteers who are helping the country during this time of crisis.

Closer to home, Apple also is helping its local community in Silicon Valley. The company pledged yesterday that it was donating to Silicon Valley Strong, a relief effort focused on San Jose and surrounding bay area.

Apple has been proactive in providing support to its employees, customers, and others during this coronavirus crisis.

The company has closed its retail stores outside of China and is offering paid time off for its retail staff.

It also is moving its annual Worldwide Developers Conference online, allowing developers to interact remotely.

Apple has already donated more than $15 million to COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide and is matching employee donations two-to-one.

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