Apple Test Vehicle Needs Realignment After Minor Incident in Autonomous Mode

Autonomous Cars On Road Credit: Akarat Phasura / Shutterstock
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It’s no secret that Apple is working on car tech. The company has been working on its autonomous car initiative, “Project Titan,” since 2014, but there have been some hiccups during the development process, the most recent being on September 27. One of its test cars hit a curb and, as a result, needed realignment.

A test vehicle, operating in autonomous mode in Sunnyvale and turning right from Mathilda Avenue onto Del Ray Avenue, made contact with a curb at approximately 13 miles per hour. While there was no tire or wheel damage, the contact resulted in misalignment. No other agents were involved, no injuries were reported, and law enforcement was not called to the scene.

California DMV

This isn’t the first time Apple has had to overcome development problems with its self-driving car software. Several of its Lexus RX 450h test vehicles have been involved in minor collisions. However, most were caused by other drivers, and the car was not in autonomous mode.

Still, this is the second reported incident that has occurred while an Apple vehicle was being operated in autonomous mode, so there is obviously some work to do.

The first-generation Apple Car is rumored to be released sometime around 2025, but that’s hopeful. It seems there’s still a ways to go before the Apple Car project is perfected.

In the meantime, Apple is also working on expanding its CarPlay functionality to give users control over their car’s core functions.

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