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Apple Shows How iOS Accessibility Can Change the Lives of Differently-Abled People

Apple Shows How iOS Accessibility Can Change the Lives of Differently-Abled People Credit: Apple
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Apple on Tuesday published a new video series to its official YouTube channel, which highlights a number of differently-abled users in their day-to-day experiences greatly benefitting from Apple’s mobile operating system on devices like the iPhone and iPad. iOS has for long been lauded for its advanced suite of in-built accessibility features, which were designed and integrated deeply into the iOS user interface in order to make the company’s mobile devices accessible to all — regardless of their physical, sensory, or motor deficiencies.

The company’s new ‘Designed For ___’ video series features a total of seven videos highlighting seven different users who showcase how they utilize Apple’s iOS Accessibility features to make their lives easier.

In one video, for example, Apple highlights a partially-sighted musician named Carlos Vasquez, and chronicles his day-to-day activities using his iPhone’s in-built VoiceOver functionality to help him promote his band Distartica on a variety of social media websites — all while his iPhone’s display remains pitch black. The iOS VoiceOver function enables an iPhone or iPad to speak the various items onscreen out loud when they’re tapped, enabling someone like Carlos, who’s partially-sighted, to know what he’s pressing without actually having to see it. “Carlos is the lead singer, drummer and PR manager for his metal band, Distartica. Using VoiceOver, with Screen Curtain on iPhone, he can hail a ride, take a photo, and get the word out about his band’s album release while keeping his screen entirely black.”


Another video highlights the variety of iOS-based Accessibility features for the hearing impaired, and features a middle school band instructor named Shane as she utilizes her certified ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aids to help get a more fine-tuned listening experience of her students’ musical performances. “Shane is a middle school band and choir director who uses Made for iPhone hearing aids in her classroom so she can hear every note,” the narrator explains.


Another video which can viewed below, showcases a man named Ian M., who utilizes his iPhone with Siri and the Assistive Touch functionality to help him gain a deeper perception of the world around him.


Back in October of last year, Apple updated its website to include a dedicated page for Accessibility features, which contains a number of videos and hands-on tips for differently-abled users to make the most of the iOS devices. Whether you’re hearing impaired, need some extra help reading the content on your iPhone, or even assistance with navigating the various menus on your iPhone or iPad — Apple devices will always be accessible to all.

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