Apple Releases Third Betas of iOS 11.1, watchOS 4.1 and tvOS11.1

Apple Releases Third Betas of iOS 11.1, watchOS 4.1 and tvOS11.1
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Apple on Monday released the third beta versions of iOS 11.1, watchOS 4.1 and tvOS 11.1 to registered developers, just one week after releasing the last batch of beta testing software.

iOS 11.1

iOS 11.1 beta 3 presumably includes a number of bug fixes, under-the-hood changes and performance improvements to the operating system. No major outward-facing features have been discovered in the latest beta version, but the update includes significant new features added in iOS 11.1 beta 2.

  • iOS 11.1 adds a slew of new emoji in the new Unicode 10 standard. With 56 new options in all, Unicode 10 adds various emoji such as new animals, dinosaurs, mythical creatures in male and female genders, several gender-neutral faces, and food and clothing options.
  • In addition, iOS 11.1 beta 3 includes the long-awaited reintroduction of the popular 3D Touch App Switcher gesture. Intentionally removed in iOS 11 due to technical issues, the gesture was added back into Apple’s operating system in last week’s iOS 11.1 beta 2.
  • Currently, it doesn’t look like Apple has added AirPlay 2 or Apple Pay Cash with iOS 11.1 beta 3, but those features might be added to the OS before the official release of iOS 11.1 — which is expected later this fall.

iOS 11.1 beta 3 is now available to registered developers via an over-the-air update, provided that the proper configuration profile is installed. It’s also available through the developer’s portal. It’s also likely Apple will release the public beta version this week.

watchOS 4.1 and tvOS 11.1

Apple also issued third beta versions of watchOS 4.1 and tvOS 11.1. Like iOS 11.1 beta 3, these two updates focus on under-the-hood changes and bug fixes, as no major outward facing changes have been discovered.

  • watchOS 4.1 will bring support for Apple Music content streaming via LTE to the Apple Watch Series 3.
  • It will also include the 56 new Unicode 10 emoji, and a new Radio app with access to Beats 1 and other Apple Music stations.

watchOS 4.1 beta 3 can be downloaded via the dedicated Apple Watch app on a connected iPhone.

tvOS 11.1 is more of an incremental update with the addition of bug fixes and performance improvements to the set-top box operating system. tvOS 11.1 beta 3 can be downloaded via a profile installed with Xcode on a Mac.

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