Apple Confirms 56 New Emoji Are Coming to iOS 11.1

Apple Confirms 56 New Emoji Are Coming to iOS 11.1
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Apple today confirmed that a slew of new emoji would be coming to iOS 11.1 later in the year — 56 emoji in all, the company wrote in a press release.

The emoji are part of the updated Unicode 10 standard, which was first unveiled by the Unicode Consortium in June. Apple originally teased some of the new emoji a month later for World Emoji Day, stating that they’d be coming later this year.

But now, we have confirmation that the new characters will roll out with the official release of iOS 11.1.

The Unicode 10 standard includes a wider range of animal and dinosaur emoji, including a giraffe, a zebra, a hedgehog, a t-rex and a brontosaurus-type dinosaur.

In addition, a wider range of mythical creatures in male and female options will be added, such as a vampire, a wizard, a mermaid/merman, and a zombie.

There is also a wide variety of face and expression emoji, including a swearing-emoji, a monocle-clad emoji, a shushing emoji and an eyebrow-raised emoji referred to as the “Colbert face.”

Unicode 10 also adds several gender-neutral faces available in a variety of skin tones.

The new emoji also include additional food and clothing objects, including broccoli, Chinese takeout, coconut, fortune cookie, chopsticks, pie, hat, scarf and coat emoji.

Wellness-fans will be happy to hear that there’s also meditation lotus pose, rock climbing and spa emoji being added.

As far as less obvious but still significant additions, there is now an orange heart emoji — meaning that users will be able to spell out a rainbow of hearts for the first time. Apple has also added the sign for “I Love You” in American Sign Language, an addition activists have advocated for in the last few years.

While, officially, there are 56 new emoji in all, the various gender and skin tags that can be modified will bring the total amount of new emoji options to 239.

There’s no official word on when iOS 11.1 will be officially released, but the range of new emoji will become available to beta testers in next week’s beta version of the software. In addition to iOS 11.1, the new emoji will also be added to future versions of macOS and watchOS.

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