Apple Releases Gorgeous Chinese New Year-Themed Artist-Drawn Wallpapers

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Apple seems to be pulling out all the stops in celebration of the Chinese New Year festivities. After announcing earlier this week a promotion offering up a free pair of Product (RED) Beats Solo 3 headphones to customers in select Chinese markets, with the purchase of a qualifying Mac or iPhone, of course, the company subsequently launched a dedicated web page — loaded with high-quality, Year-of-the-Rooster-themed wallpapers — in what Cupertino is calling an attempt to promote the impressive work of some young and aspiring, Chinese artists.

The freshly launched web page has been dedicated to the Chinese, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan markets — and is premised around the work of five, thriving young artists who were able to create some truly impressive pieces — utilizing little more than select variations of Apple products. The art pieces, which are known culturally as “Nianhua” folk art, are displayed proudly on Apple’s dedicated web page, along with the artist’s own take on each image, and the revelation of exactly what Apple devices were used to create the image.

“Discover and enjoy new interpretations of traditional Chinese New Year Nianhua folk art. Using Apple products with various apps, five young Chinese artists reinvent classic motifs to deliver new year blessings with a contemporary twist,” the web page reads.

Each of these wallpapers can be downloaded in full-resolution
for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, directly from Apple’s website.

Lucky Rooster by Victo Ngai

“In Lucky Rooster, illustrator Victo Ngai imaginatively interprets the Chinese belief that when you are happy, good luck will follow. She used Apple Pencil in the Procreate app on iPad Pro to sketch, then moved to MacBook Pro to compose and color the design. In the finished work, a stylized rooster sings and dances with children to usher in a lucky new year.”

Joyful Reunions by Eszter Chen

“Eszter Chen’s Joyful Reunions unconventionally depicts a modern day Chinese New Year Eve dinner. Working directly on iMac with Adobe Photoshop, Eszter created fun characters with a childlike quality in her signature style of detailed block-print patterns and bright colors. This playful work expresses the simple wish that every family reunion be joyful.”

Rich Harvest by Zhou Fan 

“The fantasy feel of Zhou Fan’s Rich Harvest was inspired by early memories: red lanterns, the sound of firecrackers, colorful festivities. Zhou hand-painted the detailed images first. He then multiplied and overlapped them using Adobe Photoshop on MacBook Pro to create a surreal image of a plentiful harvest that captures the spirit of bountiful blessings.”

Peaceful Home by Ye Hongxing

“Traditional Nianhua that Ye Hongxing saw as a child inspired Peaceful home objects. After creating the initial image using Adobe Photoshop on MacBook Pro, she then worked directly on the canvas, adding a variety of colorful stickers. For Ye, these everyday details create a feeling of serenity and belonging.”

Fortune Flows by Jiang Shan

“Familiar new year fish images are given a bold makeover in Jiang Shan’s Fortune Flows. After jotting down initial ideas on MacBook Pro, he drafted them up on paper, colored and enhanced them in Adobe Photoshop, then used Adobe Illustrator for a final touch up. In the finished work, a seasonal symbol of blessing surges and pulses with modern energy.”

Which of Apple’s ’Year of the Rooster’, Chinese New Year wallpapers is your favorite?
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