Apple Quietly Slashed Select Mac SSD, RAM Upgrade Prices This Week

Macbook Pro Credit: MacWorld
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Apple this week quietly slashed prices on some higher-tier SSD and RAM upgrades for various MacBook and Mac models.

Upgrading the entry-level, 15-inch MacBook Pro to a 2TB SSD, for example, now costs $1,200. That’s $200 off. In addition, the 4TB SSD upgrade is now priced at $3,000, exactly $400 off the original price point.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro also saw SSD price cuts. Like its 15-inch stablemate, upgrading the entry-level model to a 2TB variant now costs $1,200 — which is $200 off.

It’s worth noting that the pricing only applies to the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The non-Touch Bar model doesn’t have a 2TB storage option.

The base model MacBook Air also had a price cut, but one that isn’t nearly as generous. It costs $1,100 to upgrade to the 1.5TB storage variant. That’s $100 down from the original price of $1,200.

It isn’t just Apple’s notebooks that saw an SSD price reduction. Bumping up the storage on Apple’s 2018 Mac mini to 2TB also costs $1,400. That’s down from the original price of $1,600.

On the other hand, it seems that only Apple’s higher-tier storage configuration actually saw a price cut. Lower-tier variants, like 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, remain the same price.

While we didn’t see the upcoming modular Mac Pro this week, Apple also slashed the price on a high-tier RAM upgrade for the existing model. Upgrading from the base model 16GB RAM variant to the 64GB configuration now costs $1,200 — about $400 off the original price.

But, like with the other lower-tier specs, upgrading to 32GB on the Mac Pro remains the same.

While the change was relatively quiet and unexpected, it isn’t entirely unusual for Apple to drop prices on its higher end Mac upgrades. That’s especially true since SSD prices typically fluctuate a bit — particularly after a device has been on the market for some time.

Still, it’s a welcome change for users in the market for a new Mac. Most of Apple’s computers have SSD that are soldered to the motherboard, meaning that upgrading storage later on is impossible.

In addition to the price cuts, the Cupertino tech giant also added some new Mac options this week. On Tuesday, Apple refreshed the iMac with the new eighth-generation Intel “Coffee Lake” processors and Radeon Pro Vega graphics. It also added a 256GB RAM option for its top-tier iMac Pro

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