Apple’s Next Mac Pro May Actually Come in Futuristic, Stackable Modules

Stackable Mac Mini Concept Credit: Sebastian Sauvage
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We know that a modular Mac Pro is coming, but we don’t know what it could look like. But now, a new report is possibly shedding a bit more light on its design.

YouTube channel Tailosive Tech has released a new video with a slew of alleged details about the upcoming Mac Pro refresh, apparently cited from personal insider sources within Apple. And those sources paint an interesting picture of the new pro machine.

Those sources indicate that the Mac Pro won’t be a standard computer within a case. Instead, it’ll be a much more modular system with individual modules that can be purchased and “stacked” together.

What modules a customer purchases and uses is completely up to them. According to Tailosive Tech, the only one required is the so-called “brain module,” which he says is only a little bulkier than the current Mac mini.

The brain module reportedly has a few ports and houses the CPU and RAM. But the brain module will also sport a proprietary connector that will let users buy other modules with different I/O configurations, extra storage, and GPU options.

As far as how the modules would actually “stack,” the YouTuber said that the devices will be powered by the brain module but will feature their own power supplies and cooling systems.

“What it results in is ultimate customizability,” the channel said. If a user just wants a standard Mac Pro, all they have to do is buy the brain module.

“But those people out there who really need that graphics processing, they’ll be able to buy one, two, perhaps three or four different GPU modules and stack it on their Mac Pro however they want to stack it.”

Presumably, the stackable design could work with RAM expansion, too. But such a system would require a proprietary, high-speed connector. Currently, there isn’t really any connector technology which would also be easily swappable.

Additionally, Tailosive Tech’s sources indicate that the Mac Pro might not ship until 2020, despite actually being unveiled this year. If it’s teased at WWDC ’19, for example, it could have a release date in the first quarter of the following year.

The last Mac Pro ran into a similar timeline back in 2013, since it was only available in limited quantities the same year it was debuted. On the other hand, Apple has itself said that the Mac Pro would debut this year.

Apple, for its part, hasn’t commented on the actual design of the Mac Pro beyond the fact that it will be “modular.” And rumors from other sources neither corroborate nor contradict this stackable design.

But if Tailosive Tech’s information turns out to be accurate, it could suggest that the upcoming Mac Pro will be a radically different machine than its predecessor.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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