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Apple Pay Cash Is Not Working for Many iOS 11.2 Users

Apple Pay Cash Not Working
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Apple’s peer-to-peer payment system should be officially rolling out to U.S.-based users today, but according to social media reports and firsthand experience, Apple Pay Cash is not working for everyone.

The Cupertino company released iOS 11.2 on Saturday — a few days early — to address a serious date bug that caused iOS devices to crash. As such, Apple Pay Cash was not activated when iOS 11.2 dropped and was unavailable to use, despite being listed as a feature in the update’s release notes.

Today, news outlets have reported that Apple Pay Cash is officially on the rollout for non-beta iOS users, but what seems like a majority of U.S. users on social media are reporting that the Apple Pay Cash setup isn’t working properly, or in some cases, is not present at all.

Users are reporting that Apple Pay Cash is indeed listed as an option in Wallet, but when they go to set up the feature, they’re greeted with an error message that says “Apple Pay Cash Unavailable: Apple Pay Services are currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Some users report being able to set up the system properly but ran into issues that led them to delete the card in Wallet. Other users are simply receiving the error message. In both cases, the option seemingly disappears from Settings.

Apple Pay Cash Release Date

At this point, we’re not exactly sure when Apple Pay Cash will officially launch. Worse still, some anecdotal reports seem to hint that Apple is disabling and putting a stop to its Apple Pay Cash rollout — at least for today.

Twitter user Barry M. Porter, for example, said that Apple Support told him the peer-to-peer payment system has officially been pulled and deactivated in iOS 11.2. It’ll reportedly be activated in a software update later this week.

So while iOS 11.2 is out, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users across the U.S. might have to wait a few more days until they can use Apple Pay Cash.

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