Apple Is Giving the HomePod mini a Splash of Color, But What Else Is New?

New HomePod mini Colors 2021 Credit: Apple
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Apple today updated the HomePod mini with a splash of new colors. These new colors provide people with unique options beyond the standard black and white, allowing owners to match their HomePod mini to their decor or even color coordinate their HomePods by room.

These three new colors, yellow, orange, and blue, join the existing black and white in the HomePod mini lineup.

The new colors are more than just an accent on the trim. The color encapsulates the entire HomePod mini, from the outer fabric to the touch-sensitive surface infused with the color.

Other than the new color choices, there is nothing else unique about the HomePods.

The new colorful HomePod minis will function exactly like their black and white counterparts with the same touch-sensitive interface and feature set. Even the pricing for the new models will stay the same.

These new HomePod options will be available starting in November for $99.

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