Apple Introduces Two New Color Options for the iPhone 13 Lineup

Tim Cook iPhone 13 Green Credit: Apple
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Apple decided to go all-in during its Peek Performance event today. It started out with a bang showing that the iPhone 13 lineup will have not one, but two brand-new colors.

On top of that, you’ll be able to pre-order them by the end of this week.

During the Apple event, the company confirmed that the regular iPhone 13 would be available in a new Green color.

At the same time, the iPhone 13 Pro models will also have new Alpine Green color available.

“People love the design of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13, and we’re excited to unveil the stunning new alpine green and green finishes, which join the wide range of beautiful colors on the iPhone 13 lineup. These new colors give customers even more options when choosing their iPhone, and we can’t wait for them to take advantage of all the iPhone 13 lineup offers, including unmatched performance with A15 Bionic, our best camera systems, massive improvements to battery life for everyday needs, fast 5G, incredible durability, and so much more.”Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing

Apple confirmed that we’d be able to pre-order these new iPhone colors starting this upcoming Friday, March 11. Apple also mentioned that the new iPhone 13 green finishes would be available to buy on March 18.

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This isn’t the only surprise Apple had in store for us. Alongside the new colors for the iPhone 13 lineup, Apple also revealed a new iPhone SE, a new iPad Air, a new Mac, and many upcoming shows and movies available on Apple TV+.

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