Apple Forced to Halt iPhone Production

iPhone 13 Lineup at an Apple Store Credit: ms_pics_and_more / Shutterstock
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It’s crunch time for manufacturers who are pumping out devices to meet the demand of eager holiday shoppers. According to Nikkei Asia via 9to5Mac, Apple reportedly is facing a nightmare scenario with its assembly lines.

Both a parts shortage and power issues in China forced the company to halt production of both its iPhone and iPad for a period of time. The report from Nikkei Asia suggests Apple has scaled back production of its iPhone 13 from an initial 95 million units to a revised goal of 83 to 85 million units.

This slip started in September and October when the company missed its production targets by 20 percent each month.

This parts shortage isn’t limited to the new iPhone 13. Nikkei claims production for older iPhones also fell 25 percent.

Currently, Apple faces a significant deficit, falling short of its 2021 iPhone production goal by 15 million units.

The issue is so severe that the company even halted iPhone and iPad assembly lines for several days in October.

The Nikkei report notes that Apple is having difficulty sourcing “power management chips from Texas Instruments and transceivers from Nexperia as well as connectivity chips from Broadcom.” These items are used in the assembly of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, all of which are experiencing varying production problems.

Despite these issues, Apple allegedly is pressuring its suppliers to ramp up production this month and next month to prevent it from falling even further behind schedule.

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