56 New Emoji Are Coming to iOS and macOS

56 New Emoji Are Coming to iOS and macOS

The Unicode Consortium updated its standard to version 10.0.0 this week. The change will bring a slew of new emoji to iOS — 56 in all — ranging from a ‘crazy’ face to an emoji with a monocle.

Emojipedia has already released images featuring all of the new emoji – some of the more interesting ones include an exploding head emoji, starstruck face, a male and female meditation emoji, a male and female rock climber emoji, a bitcoin symbol, and a raised eyebrow emoji that’s, amusingly, also known as the “Colbert” face, according to the Emoji cataloging site. There’s also some additional clothing emoji, including winter-themed options like a scarf, gloves, coat and Christmas stockings.

Unicode Standard 10.0.0 also adds several mythical creatures, including male and female vampire, zombie, mage and fairy emoji, as well as a t-rex, brontosaurus, zebra, giraffe and hedgehog. There’s also a shushing face, a love you gesture, and a vomiting face. As far as food products go, there’s now a steak, pretzel, pie, chopsticks, broccoli, Chinese takeout, fortune cookie and coconut emoji. The update also adds a wider range of child and adult emojis with various gender and skin tone modifiers. In fact, while there are technically 56 new emoji — those gender and skin flags actually brings the total amount of options to around 239.

Apple, of course, uses the Unicode Standard for its operating systems — but it usually takes a while for Cupertino to add support for the latest version to its iOS and macOS platforms. As an example, Unicode 9 was rolled out in June 2016 but finally reached iOS 10.2 in October. So while the new emoji will eventually hit iOS and macOS devices, it’ll take a few months because Apple’s operating systems use their own original design variations. Going by timelines in the past, you can probably expect a rollout of the new emoji this fall.

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