Apple CEO Tim Cook, SVP Eddy Cue Likely Exposed to Coronavirus at Birthday Party

Tim Cook Apple CEO Credit: Ron Adar / Shutterstock
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Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Service Eddy Cue may have been exposed to the coronavirus, reports Variety.

The pair recently attended a 60th birthday party for Universal Music’s CEO, Lucian Grainge, who confirmed yesterday that he is infected with the respiratory virus.

Cook and Cue attended the party held in Plam Springs on Feb. 29, along with music manager Irving Azoof and other music industry bigwigs.

The party was held at La Quinta’s Madison Club, a private community that is home to celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Ray Romano, and Cindy Crawford.

Though the party was 16 days ago, coronavirus symptoms can appear as long as 14 to 21 days after exposure.

Both the Madison Club and UMG took action after they learned about Grainge’s infection. To protect its residents and visitors, Madison Club shut down its golf course, clubhouse, and other communal facilities due to Grainge’s infection.

Universal Music Group’s Santa Monica office also was closed after an anonymous employee, presumably, Grainge, tested positive for coronavirus.

A leaked internal memo confirmed that the Santa Monica office closed immediately. Employees were ordered to work from home for the immediate future.

Apple declined to comment on the possibility that Cook and Cue have been exposed to the 2019 novel coronavirus. It is not known whether the executives have been tested for coronavirus.

While Cook’s and Cue’s coronavirus status is uncertain, Grainge reportedly is being treated at Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center.

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