Apple CarPlay Now Integrates with This Advanced EV Charging Network

ChargePoint EV CarPlay Credit: ChargePoint
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Apple’s CarPlay is changing how people use the infotainment center inside of their vehicles. The service brings maps, messages, and more to your car’s dashboard – and now, the latest addition to the CarPlay lineup is ChargePoint, which brings electric vehicle charging information to connected car systems.

ChargePoint operates over 100,000 electric vehicle charging stations around the world. Drivers with a CarPlay compatible system can find nearby charging stations using their car’s infotainment center. They also can check the station status, see pricing information, as well as get turn-by-turn directions to the station.

In areas where there are multiple electric vehicle charging stations, drivers can even use built-in filters to sort the stations based on the charging cost, the plug type, and charging speed.

Once you find a handful of preferred stations, you can add them to a list of your favorite charging spots. There’s even a waiting list option that’ll add you to the queue when the charging station is full. When it’s your turn, the app will send you an alert.

To access this charging information, drivers will need an iOS device running iOS 14 or above and a vehicle infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay.

Users will have to install the ChargePoint app, which sends the pertinent data to the car’s dashboard.

ChargePoint supports iOS 14, allowing users to configure widgets that’ll display nearby charging stations and their availability to an iOS device. ChargePoint also is available for the Apple Watch.

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