A Virginia Woman Has Been Harassing Apple CEO Tim Cook for the Past Year

Tim Cook Apple CEO at Apple Event Credit: John Gress Media Inc / Shutterstock
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Anyone can be a victim of stalking, even the CEO of the world’s most valuable company. Recently a restraining order was filed against a Virginia woman who sent Apple CEO, Tim Cook, photos of a loaded gun. This behavior, according to Mercury News, has been going on for quite a long time.

This Virginia woman has been stalking Cook for more than a year and has been trespassing at his Palo Alto home as well as sending him threats and photos of a “snub-nosed revolver and cartridges.”

Mercury News went on to say that the woman has been using the Cook name and claiming she was his wife; and even claims Cook is the father of her twins, although Cook is openly gay.

Then the woman began to visit Cook’s home in Palo Alto, CA, which raised more flags. Accordingly, in September 2021, she “became obsessed” with Cook’s Palo Alto home and even went as far as to send an email applying to be his roommate.

She has been reported to have driven a Porsche Macan SUV from her home in Virginia to Cook’s home in California and showed up at Cook’s residence on October 22nd, 2021.

She told Cook’s security team that she wanted to have a private conversation with Cook, to which security told her to leave. She left, then she came back later trespassing, sitting in her car, according to the report. 

As recently as the week of December 13th, 2021, the woman emailed Cook, still harassing him, and demanded that he pay her hundreds of millions of dollars; he didn’t comply, although she thought he should.

After the email, she sent Cook many abusive Twitter messages and then another email demanding him to “move home” to Virginia.

The judge granted the restraining order and now “bars the woman from possessing guns, approaching any Apple employees including Cook, entering any Apple property or trespassing at Cook’s Palo Alto home.”

A hearing is set for March 29th, 2022.

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