6 Best AirPods Pro Alternatives

Best AirPods Pro Alternatives
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Apple recently announced the AirPods Pro which include a few exciting new features earbud fans have been waiting for. Most notably among those features is Active Noise Cancellation, which uses microphones to sense surrounding noises so the AirPods can deploy frequencies to cancel those sounds out (something you can quickly turn on or off as needed).

That’s all great, but $250 may seem like a little too much to spend on new AirPods. If that’s the case, we’ll suggest some AirPods Pro alternatives that have plenty of advanced features of their own.

They may not all come with Active Noise Cancellation, but you can certainly save some money, and the audio capabilities for these true-wireless earbuds are still outstanding.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying a gift, these alternatives are worth checking out. Note that we may earn a commission on products purchased using our links.

Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds

One of the most prominent and direct competitors to AirPods Pro is Amazon’s new Echo Buds, which is a suitable alternative for those invested in the Amazon/Echo world. They use something called Bose Active Noise Reduction technology, which appears to be a fancier way of saying that yes, these earbuds also have active noise cancellation, along with a passthrough mode for hearing what’s going on around you. Instead of Siri, you get full Alexa voice assistant capabilities. Like the AirPod Pros, there’s a variety of tips that you can pick from, something that original AirPods don’t offer. Battery life is great, too, at 5 hours per charge and 20 hours of charge in the case. Basically, if you want an Amazon version of the AirPod Pros, these are for you. Get them here.

Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats headphones were where Apple originally released the noise cancellation technology seen in the AirPods Pro, so it makes sense both these models would have similar Active Noise Cancellation features. The design, of course, is notably different from AirPods, with an around-ear hook that people tend to either love or hate. This design is particularly great for active users who want to jog or workout with their earbuds but don’t want to lose them. The extra sweat and water resistance also makes the Powerbeats Pro a strong alternative for fitness fans. The battery is especially impressive on these buds, offerings 9 hours of listening per charge plus an extra 15 or so hours from the charging case. Get them here.

AirSounds Pro True Wireless Earbuds

AirSounds Pro

Let’s be honest; most are our picks—while cheaper than AirPods Pro—still fall in the same general price category of the AirPods Pro. That price range doesn’t work for everyone, especially those used to far lower prices for their earbuds (and in a busy family household, going through replacements is probably a given, too). So this particular model by AirSounds could be just what some buyers are looking for. The AirSounds Pro look remarkably like AirPods, and can last up to four hours on a single charge, and can work with both Siri and Google Assistant. It’s a surprisingly strong alternative at such a low price, which makes the decision easy for many. They’ll even charge wirelessly. Get them here.

Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser Momentum

The Momentum earbuds are beautifully designed and allow you to customize exactly how you hear audio with a programmable internal equalizer. Touch controls give you access to voice assistant and calling options, and there’s an auto-off feature for whenever you take the earbuds off. While their style is excellent, these earbuds don’t have the greatest battery life, with a charge that lasts 4 hours with only another 8 hours of charge available in the case. Get them here.

Bose SoundSport Free


These tiny earbuds may not have ear hooks, but they are designed for workouts and are also sweatproof. These are a good option for those who want the smallest alternative, a teeny version of truly wireless buds that can hide deep in your ear. Of course, that also comes with a trade-off: These small earbuds may be easier to lose when working out, which is why Bose has a “Find my buds” app feature. They get around 5 hours of playtime per charge, and the charging case holds 10 hours of extra playtime. Get them here.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF 1000XM3

These earbuds are widely agreed to be the best alternative to the AirPods Pro. While their price is similar, these earbuds are a great option if you listen to a variety of devices outside of the Apple ecosystem. They are also one of the only other true wireless earbud options with active noise cancellation. Other features will also remind you of AirPods, including touch controls, sensors, voice assistant options for Google Assistant and Siri, auto-off when not using them, and more. The battery lasts for six hours on a single charge, and the case can provide three additional charges. An important point, though: The Sony earbuds are also shaped very differently from AirPods, with a smaller profile. This means they will fit in ears differently, and may not be as good for some ear shapes as AirPods are – or vice-versa. Get them here.

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