Getting the iPhone X Fixed Out-of-Warranty Will Cost $549

Getting the iPhone X Fixed Out-of-Warranty Will Cost $579 Credit: Apple
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The premium iPhone X is a pricey handset. And today, Apple has confirmed that out-of-warranty repairs for the new flagship are also going to carry a high price tag.

Alongside the iPhone X pre-order on Friday morning, Apple also posted two repair support documents that have been updated to include repair pricing for the iPhone X. In short, getting the premium OLED iPhone fixed out-of-warranty by Apple is going to cost quite a bit more than getting any other Apple handset repaired.

For example, while getting the screen replaced on a Plus-model iPhone (including the iPhone 8 Plus) will cost $169, having the same repair performed on the iPhone X will run customers about a hundred dollars more — $279.

For other, non-screen damage — including water damage — the price is similarly steep. In the “Other iPhone repairs” category, getting an iPhone X fixed out-of-warranty will cost $549. That’s a big jump from the $399 to get an iPhone 8 Plus fixed, or the $349 to repair an iPhone 8.

Of course, these out-of-warranty costs assume that an iPhone owner doesn’t have AppleCare+. Customers who have the extended warranty coverage will pay $29 for iPhone X screen replacements, or $99 for other damage. That’s the same price as any other iPhone Apple is currently offering repairs for.

AppleCare+ for the iPhone X isn’t free, however. The extended coverage plan retails for $199, and consumers must purchase it within the first 60 days after buying a device. AppleCare+ extends warranty coverage to two years from the original date of purchase and adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage — though users will still have to pay the $29 or $99 repair fee for screen replacement or other damage, respectively.

Presumably, the elevated cost of the iPhone X’s repairs has a lot to do with its advanced internals and new OLED display — the latter of which costs more than traditional LCD displays. In fact, getting the OLED display replaced on Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 retails for about $300, close to what the same repair costs for the iPhone X.

In addition, some of the extra cost may be due to the new TrueDepth Camera. Replacing the display may require additional repair considerations, given that the suite of advanced sensors are extremely fragile.

Additionally, Apple raised the price for its repair services in September — both those covered by AppleCare+ and those that are out-of-warranty. For example, the plan increased the out-of-warranty repair cost for Plus-model iPhones from $129 to $149.

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