iPhone 8 with Revamped Touch ID Could Be Delayed

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A report published this morning by the Chinese DigiTimes suggests that while Apple is still on track to release a total of three iPhones later this year, the most highly-anticipated, OLED-equipped iPhone 8 may not enter mass production until September — meaning that the flagship may not hit store shelves until October or later.

The report also appeared to reiterate sentiments surrounding the iPhone 8’s overhauled Touch ID module, describing the component as a “built in sensor,” which implies that it will indeed be embedded underneath the glass display as we’ve been expecting. DigiTimes goes on to suggest that in lieu of components fabricated by suppliers Qualcomm or Synaptics, Apple is currently in the process of “developing its own system,” utilizing a combination of technologies from Authentec, in conjunction with next-generation glass technology provided by Privaris.

DigiTimes, citing inside sources, goes on to suggest that Apple will be employing a combination of biometric technologies, including ultrasound, in creating its new Touch ID system. However, whether or not this system will in any way rely on Apple’s recently patented Acoustic Imaging Technology remains to be seen.

Either way, if the DigiTimes report is accurate, eager customers could end up having to wait a bit longer than usual to find out. Apple has, since the unveiling of its iPhone 5 back in 2012, stuck steadfastly to the September launch of its flagship iPhone devices — however, if the report is to be believed, 2017 may be the first year since the iPhone 4s in 2011 that Apple will delay its launch window — even if just by a few weeks.

An alternative, and perhaps more likely, outcome, is that Apple will still unveil the ‘iPhone 8’ alongside its internally upgraded iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus handsets at a September event — while the former, top-tier device enjoys a few weeks basking in the limelight ahead of an official October release.

Adding fuel to the fire of the previously mentioned scenario, DigiTimes cites sources who indicated that the iPhone 7s handsets will enter mass production within the usual July timeframe. So we really have no reason to believe that Apple will postpone its traditional September event, but we can surmise that the iPhone 8 release will come after the release of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt, folks. While DigiTimes has a historically accurate track record when it comes to reporting supply chain-related happenings, the publication’s credibility is still somewhat hit-or-miss.

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