iOS 11.1 Public Beta: New Features and Changes

iOS 11.1 Public Beta: New Features and Changes Credit: 9to5Mac
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Apple on Thursday released a slew of new software updates to public testers, including the first beta of iOS 11.1. The new update comes about a week after the official release of iOS 11.

Users enrolled in Apple’s public beta testing program will be able to download the new update over-the-air, provided that the appropriate certificate is installed on a device.

What’s New in iOS 11.1

iOS 11.1 is a relatively small update to Apple’s mobile operating system. Other than the standard security fixes and under-the-hood improvements, iOS 11.1 contains a number of small tweaks.

  • Firstly, in Messages, there’s a new update to the QuickType keyboard concerning emoji suggestions. When you type a word into Messages (like “smile” or “surprised”), you’ll now see three suggested emojis instead of one. That’s similar to how the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro models handles emoji suggestions.
  • There are also some new animation and UI tweaks in iOS 11.1, such as a fluid scrolling animation when scrubbing to the top of a webpage and a new animation when tapping on a notification while in an app.
  • Other small tweaks include a new design for heart rate when you’re logging finished workouts in Activity.
  • Additionally, there’s no longer any haptic feedback when inputting an incorrect password into the Lock screen.

The new update does not, however, add Apple Pay Cash or the popular 3D Touch Apple Switcher gesture to iOS 11. Those additions should be coming soon, however.

How to Install iOS 11.1

To install the iOS 11.1 beta, you’ll need to sign up for Apple’s public beta testing software and enroll your device or devices — which you can do so via Apple’s website. Once you do, iOS 11.1 will become available as an over-the-air update.

As always, it’s recommended that testers refrain from installing public beta software onto their daily devices — since beta software can be unstable and riddled with bugs. At the very least, perform a full backup of your iOS device before proceeding.

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