Top 3 Reasons to Choose the Apple Watch Nike+ over the Standard Series 2

Top 3 Reasons to Choose the Apple Watch Nike+ over the Standard Series 2
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On September 7th Apple took the wraps off of a slew of new and advanced technologies, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and the all-new Apple Watch Series 2. Interestingly enough, though perhaps not so much to the avid consumer of Apple + Nike merchandise, the Silicon Valley tech-giant teamed up with the world’s leading sportswear brand, yet again, to introduce an all-new product — the Apple Watch Nike+.

Boasting essentially the same physical design (and price tag) of its similarly styled sibling, the standard Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Nike+ features a multitude of exercise-oriented advancements over the standard Apple Watch Series 2 — making it an ideal choice for the physically fit-minded among us.

Check out our top reasons to consider choosing the Apple Watch Nike+ over the standard Apple Watch Series 2 below!

1. Nike+ Exclusive Perforated Sport Bands

One really cool thing about the Apple Watch Nike+ is that the wearable comes exclusively with one of Nike’s sleekly designed sport bands, which feature a series of Swiss cheese-style holes designed to keep air flowing to your wrist during the height of your work out.

2. Super-light Aluminum Alloy Chassis

While the Apple Watch Series 2 comes in your choice of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and even ceramic — in a variety of colors, to boot — Apple Watch Nike+ is constructed of the standard alloy material. For the avid runner and exercise enthusiast trying to get the most accurate readout of their workout statistics, the Nike+ Watch, therefore, plays out to your benefit. Aluminum alloy is light yet durable, and can withstand erosion from sweat, oil, water, etc. Coupled with one of four color coordinated Nike+ sport bands, and you’ve got yourself an elegantly designed, yet intrinsically powerful, workout monitoring machine.

3. Nike+ Exclusives

In addition to the aforementioned incentives, Apple’s comparably priced $369 Nike+ Watch comes pre-loaded with a litany of exercise-friendly apps and content. For avid runners, you’ll have exclusive access to the Nike Run Club — a social media-style platform for runners to connect, share, and learn about upcoming running events taking place in their area. Additionally, you’ll get an advanced suite of Apple Watch Nike+ apps, geared specifically towards helping you keep closer tabs on and take better control of your workout.

Apple Watch Nike+ is available as a standard model, in your choice of four colors, for a flat $369 — the same price as a standard, 38mm Apple Watch Series 2. For the avid runner and exercise enthusiast, the Apple Watch Nike+ is a great companion. You no longer have to sacrifice style at the expense of functionality, or vice versa. With the Apple Watch Nike+, you get both, and it not only works well for the fitness-minded types, but it looks pretty dang snazzy while doing so.

Are you planning on picking up an Apple Watch Nike+? Let us know in the comments!

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