This Simple Trick Could Fix Your HomePod’s Handoff Problem

HomePod mini with iPhone 12 Credit: Apple
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Are you having problems with your Apple HomePod not transferring phone calls and music from your iPhone? You are not alone.

Apple support boards and Reddit are filled with threads of people complaining that the highly promoted Handoff feature from the iPhone does not work.

This simple trick proposed by Redditor Toninho7 may fix some of your woes.

Original HomePod Is Most Affected by This Handoff Issue

The failure of a HomePod to Handoff audio from an iPhone seems to happen more often with original HomePod models.

The newer HomePod mini is equipped with Apple’s latest U1 chip which aids in short distance communication between devices.

The U1 is what makes the AirTags so useful, so it’s not surprising that the chipset also plays a role in connecting to the HomePod mini as well.

The original HomePod is too old to have the U1 chip and must rely on alternatives like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

How to Fix HomePod Handoff Not Working

According to multiple threads on Reddit, the biggest issue with the HomePod Handoff is proximity.

Many people fixed their handoff problem by moving their iPhone closer to the HomePod and holding it in a specific orientation over the smart speaker.

If you hold your phone in your hand, screen facing you and tip the top of the phone down onto the top of the HomePod just where the mesh meets the circular display. I find that works most times for me.

Redditor Toninho7

The key to getting it to work is to tip the iPhone down towards the HomePod. Once you find the correct orientation, Handoff happens seamlessly without changing many settings or falling back on Siri to stream your media.

HomePod mini Handoff Problems

The HomePod mini typically connects quickly to the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean it’s always free from problems. If you are having issues connecting with the HomePod mini, it’s typically a software glitch. You can usually fix it by rebooting your HomePod.

If turning it off and then on again does not work, some people could correct the issue by wiping their iPhone and restoring it to factory settings.

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