This Mind-Blowing ‘Pinch’ Trick Can Share Photos on Your iPhone and iPad

Apple iPhone and iPad Credit: Daniel Korpai / Unsplash
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Most iOS users know how to share images from one iOS device to another – you can send images via Messages, drop them via AirDrop, or copy and paste them between devices using Continuity. But I bet you didn’t know you could share images using a simple pinch gesture instead.

This jaw-dropping method will change how you share content across your touchscreen devices.

It’s so incredibly simple; you won’t believe it.

  1. First, you have to open the image you want to transfer on one iOS device.
  2. Then you can use a three-finger pinch gesture to “pick up” that photo. (Shown below.)
  3. Move your fingers from one device to the other and then release the pinch on the other iOS device! Boom!
  4. As soon as you “drop” the picture, you should see a confirmation dialog that the image is being copied over. It’s downright magical to see it in action.

There is one major requirement: You need two touchscreen devices, an iPhone and an iPad, and they both must use the same Apple ID.

This means you can only share photos between your personal devices. You cannot use this method to send images to a friend’s iPhone or iPad. At least not yet.

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