How to Use Apple AirTags with Android Phones | Capabilities and Limitations

Apple AirTag Credit: Chikena / Shutterstock
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You can now use your AirTag with your Android devices, albeit it doesn’t work nearly as well as with Apple devices. Apple added a new app to the Google Play Store called Tracker Detect. This app has its limitations, but it works just fine to track nearby AirTags, whether they’re yours or not.

Initially, this app was meant to give Android users security. That way, they can discover if they have an AirTag traveling with them without their knowledge or consent. However, it can also be used to track your AirTags if you use both Android and Apple devices. 

How to Track AirTags with Android

The new Tracker Detect app will let you scan for AirTags that are close to you, which is a good option if you don’t have your iPhone available. 

Unfortunately, unlike with iPhone, you can’t automatically track AirTags with Tracker Detect. Instead, you need to get into the app and start scanning. 

  1. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do; all you need to do is open the Tracker Detect app and tap on Scan.
  2. When you’re sure there aren’t any nearby AirTags, you can just tap Stop Scanning.

What Can You Do with an AirTag on Android?

If you find an AirTag nearby, you can do a few things with it:

  1. If it’s close enough, you can make the AirTag play a sound so you can find it for yourself. 
  2. If the AirTag isn’t yours, once you find it, you can learn more information about it, including its serial number. To do so, you’ll need an NFC-compatible Android device, which is pretty much every modern Android, and just put the AirTag on top of your Android. You’ll be redirected to an Apple website where you’ll see the AirTag’s serial number and owner. 
  3. Last but not least, the Tracker Detect app also shows you how to disable the AirTag. Since this app is mostly for Android users’ security, they can learn how to remove the battery so they won’t be tracked anymore. 
  4. If it’s your own AirTag, though, you won’t need anything more than a little help finding your stuff.

It’s worth noting that this app will work not just with an AirTag, but with other Find My-compatible item trackers like the Chipolo One Spot. 

What You Can’t Do on Android

Unfortunately, Android users are very limited when it comes to using AirTags. If you’re solely an Android user, you can’t set up an AirTag. The Tracker Detect app only works for scanning AirTags. If you want to set it up, you’ll need an iPhone. 

Another downside is automatic scanning, which is something all Android users are complaining about. With iPhone, you can get a notification if an AirTag is close to you without even thinking about opening the Find My app. On the other hand, Android users need to manually scan for AirTags, which you won’t constantly be doing (unless you’re feeling paranoid). 

Even though it isn’t perfect, it’s still a way for Android users to track their AirTags, or find out if they’re being secretly tracked by someone else.

What Are Other Options for Both Android and Apple Users?

The Tracker Detect app is far from perfect for Android users. If you want to try a tracker that works great on both Android and Apple devices, you might be better off trying Tile Pro or Chipolo One. They both come in different shapes and sizes, and you can use them on both platforms. 

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