How to Get a Copy of Your Personal Data from Apple

Apple laptop with Privacy logo. Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Apple, it's also one of our core values. Internet security Credit: Girts / Adobe Stock
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In the technology industry, “privacy” has become somewhat of a buzzword. What information is collected on you and how is it stored? Does it qualify as personal information or personally identifiable information? Many companies might prefer to keep their practices intentionally vague, but few companies have taken privacy as seriously as Apple.

Apple has positioned itself as a defender of its users’ privacy. Its approach to privacy is built into the corporate ethos. This is more than just PR fluff. It’s reflected in the practices and the technologies Apple develops. Apple devices and services are designed to minimize data collection and maximize user consent. From end-to-end encryption to proactive privacy measures and transparent policies, user privacy is one of Apple’s core values.

Apple allows you to request more detailed information on the data it collects and to request a copy of that data.

  • A request for a summary of the categories of personal information that Apple apps and services collect takes up to three days for you to receive via email.
  • Requesting the actual information Apple retains on you can take up to seven days to receive via email.

Here’s how to make these requests.

Manage your data
  1. First, go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. To request more detailed information on the type of data Apple collects, click the first item under the Manage your data section, Learn more about what Apple collects.
  3. You’ll be prompted to request a PDF guide from Apple. Once you make the request, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your guide is being prepared for download.
chose data 1
  1. To request a copy of your data, click the second item, Get a copy of your data. You’ll be prompted to choose the data you want to download.
  2. You can click the Select all button or choose individual items. This also serves as a mini guide to the more detailed data collection practices you requested. Apple mostly collects information regarding your device purchase history, device service history, Apple Store history, and App Store and iTunes downloads
choose data 2

Next, you can request copies of everything stored in your iCloud, including documents, emails, and photos. Apple warns these files may be large and take a long time to download.

Finally, you’re able to request any details related to Apple Pay Later and Tap to Pay on iPhone. These requests are routed through Apple Financing and must be requested separately, as indicated.

complete request thank you

Once your request is submitted, you’ll be reminded that you may have to wait seven days to receive it. As further evidence of Apple’s commitment to privacy and security, they explain the waiting period is used to verify that you actually made the request. Thank you, Apple.

By integrating privacy into its hardware and software, Apple sets itself apart from competitors and others in the tech industry. Apple both protects its users and sets a standard that influences the broader privacy landscape.

Apple’s privacy practices demonstrate a commitment to user trust and security and have most certainly contributed to its success. This isn’t to say that Apple’s practices will be free of challenges or controversies, but their efforts to be transparent and increase consumer awareness are commendable.

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