Four Expert Photographers Share Tips on How to Take Gorgeous Photos with the iPhone 7 Plus

Four Expert Photographers Share Tips on How to Take Gorgeous Photos with the iPhone 7 Plus
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It’s been all but established by now that Apple’s new dual-lens camera is the smartphone camera to beat this year. While it might not be ready to replace your standalone, DSLR photography equipment just yet, LG Innotek’s innovative new dual-lens snapper, which is employed exclusively on the iPhone 7 Plus, has shown a great deal of promise — particularly when it comes to capturing images in Portrait mode, boasting what those in the industry often refer to as “the bokeh effect.”

By the power vested within this super-advanced, dual-lens camera system, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is capable of capturing some truly remarkable photos, featuring color and depth and vivid attention to detail in every pixel.
As you might imagine, Apple is a big fan of the bokeh effect.. So much so, in fact, that the company recently joined forces with a consortium of renowned, internationally acclaimed photographers — including the likes of JerSean Golatt, Jeremy Cowart, Pei Ketron, and Benj Haisch.

Each of these expert photographers were equipped with one of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus handsets for two weeks, capturing photos in-between their busy work schedules. And the general takeaway was overwhelmingly positive, according to the experts, themselves, who provided a few essential tips for beginners who’re just getting started with Apple’s advanced new camera technology.

1.) JerSean Golatt, acclaimed fashion and lifestyle photographer, suggested that users “get up close to their subjects” in order to truly “bring out the details” when capturing a photo in portrait mode using Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

2.) Seasoned celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart lauded Apple’s take on portrait mode as “unbelievable,” adding how he recommends not only trying to minimize the background of your image, but “try to find the shade and put the sun behind your subject as a nice back light.”

3.) World famous travel photographer, Pei Ketron, scours the globe in search of beautiful landscapes to capture. She believes that “Portrait mode on the new iPhone 7 Plus creates beautifully realistic background bokeh that rivals DSLRs.” When it comes to capturing the perfect photo, Ketron suggests that users give their object plenty of space. “Portrait mode uses the telephoto lens, so a distance of about eight feet away is recommended.”

4.) Wedding photographer Benj Haisch alleges that Apple’s take on portrait mode is “changing the way he looks at mobile photography.” He lauded Apple’s new camera hardware as being “a true game-changer,” adding that to capture the perfect image, it’s important to “have plenty of soft, diffused lighting,” which will “help with keeping the photo flattering to your subject.” He suggests to “find a space that isn’t too busy or distracting, since Portrait mode will create a photo that really pops.”

If you’d like to learn more about the bokeh effect, and what iPhone 7 Plus’ advanced camera hardware is now capable of, be sure to check out our previous write-up outling the bokeh effect on iPhone 7 Plus.

Have you tried any of these tips when capturing an image with your iPhone 7 Plus?
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