FAQ | Can an AirTag Be Used on a Dog Collar Safely? Is It Even a Good Idea?

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Do you have a dog and want to track them? You may want to grab an AirTag and slap it on your pup’s collar. It’ll keep track of your dog when they play in the yard and also on walks when they cannot resist the temptation to chase a squirrel.

Why You Should Use an AirTag
to Track Your Dog

? Affordability

Dog trackers are no joke. They can be costly, especially if they are equipped with GPS or cellular communications. Those that are cellular also may require a monthly subscription with the service or a wireless carrier. The AirTags are a much more affordable one-and-done solution.

Once you purchase an AirTag, you can use it for tracking without any additional monthly fees. Compare the $29 AirTag with the Garmin Astro which costs $699 or the Fi Collar which is $129 and requires a monthly cellular plan.

? Easy Attachment

There are a wide variety of accessories that you can use with an AirTag. Belkin, Speck, and others make AirTag holders that connect via a keychain or a loop. There are even dog collars that have a dedicated sleeve for the AirTag. Just make sure the AirTag is attached securely. A romp through some rough brush could easily rip off an AirTag that was not firmly attached.

? Effective

In high-traffic areas, an AirTag can be an effective tool to find lost devices. We’ve read about people finding stolen motorcycles or even tracking garbage with an AirTag. Personally, I’ve located keys that flew out of my pocket on a ride at a local fair. Without the AirTag, I never would have found my keys in the crowded fairgrounds. The AirTag would also work equally well to find a lost dog in an urban or suburban environment.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use an AirTag
to Track Your Dog

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