25 New and Unique Siri Commands in iOS 10

25 New and Unique Siri Commands in iOS 10

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15. Ask Siri to Beatbox For You: While not new to iOS 10, specifically, you can always get a good laugh out of Siri by asking her to beatbox for you. Make sure you’ve got your volume turned up, and then simply ask Siri to “beatbox” — you won’t be disappointed!

16. “Hey Siri” Commands: On newer iPhones and iPads, such as the 6s, 7, and iPad Pro, users have the option to enable “Hey Siri” commands. So wherever you are in the room (within a reasonable distance from your iPhone), you could simply say “Hey Siri” to activate a plethora of unique, app specific commands.

17. Call Someone Hands-Free Using Siri: Supposing the “Hey Siri” feature is enabled, you can always ask Siri to place a call. For instance, “call mom on speaker,” and Siri will place the call for you via the connected audio output source.

18. Ask Siri to Remind You About Something Later: Where ‘something’ can essentially be anything… Just ask Siri, for example, to remind you about a webpage you’re looking at, or about an email you recently received, by saying “Siri, remind me about ‘this’ later’,” and you’ll be reminded at a later time.  You can see a step by step guide on how to set a reminder on your iphone by using Siri and other commands here.

19. Ask Siri To Tell You a Bedtime Story: Just say it! You know you want to 🙂 “Siri, tell me a bedtime story, please,” and what she’ll say in response is pure gold.

20. Control HomeKit devices: If you have any HomeKit devices connected to your HomeKit app in iOS 10, you’ll be able to ask Siri to control those devices. For instance, ask Siri to “turn off the kitchen lights.” And assuming those lights are registered in your iOS 10 HomeKit app, Siri will be able to shut them off (or turn them on) by the sound of your voice.

21. Change The Name Siri Refers to You By: Have you always dreamed that your name was something other than what it is? Perhaps Hercules, or Batman, or maybe even Honey Muffin? Whatever suits your fancy, you can ask Siri to call you by that name. By default, Siri will refer to you by your real name, but you can always change it by simply telling her the name you’d like to be called, and then confirming.

22. Add an Item to Your Shopping List: Heading to the grocery store but forgot to add something (say, sausages, for instance) to your shopping list? Just ask Siri to add it for you! No typing, no rummaging for lists in the Notes app. Just ask Siri to “add [insert the item here] to your grocery list”, and so long as you’ve titled the list accordingly, it will be done.

23. Advanced Natural Voice Dictation: Have you ever used Siri to type out your messages or emails for you? Try emphasizing your specific requests while doing this, such as “add a comma,” “hashtag,” “copyright sign,” or certain emojis, such as “wink face,” for example, and watch as your spoken words become intricately poignant, grammatically correct statements.

24. Quickly Settle an Argument With Your Friends: Even get into an argument with your friends that requires a bit of fact checking? Why, just ask Siri for the answer! She knows a lot more than you think, and can easily provide specific answers to questions like “who starred in [such and such] film? Or who wrote [this or that] song?

25. Speaking of Songs… Play a Song in iTunes/Apple Music: Most of you likely know this trick already, but just in case you’ve been on the outs, you can always ask Siri to play a specific track in your iTunes library, or look up and play a particular song in Apple Music, so long as said song be available.

What’s your favorite Siri trick in iOS 10? Let us know in the comments!

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