25 New and Unique Siri Commands in iOS 10

25 New and Unique Siri Commands in iOS 10

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Among the many exciting new features baked into Apple’s recent iOS 10 software update, Siri has become a whole lot smarter than she’s ever been before. Not only can you now talk to Siri in a more natural, conversational tone of voice, but Apple’s highly-acclaimed personal voice assistant has been more deeply implemented in iOS 10. For instance, Siri has amassed a new wealth of contextually-based, natural language capabilities, allowing users to speak to her as they would a friend or acquaintance. And she responds more accurately, too, so you can get more done in less time than it’s ever taken before.

Check out our exclusive list of the top 25 Siri commands in iOS 10, and learn all about how Siri can help you like you never thought possible: 

1. Send a Text Message the Natural Way: Now you can send text messages using your natural speaking voice. For instance, you could tell Siri, “shoot a text message to my mom saying [insert what you want to say here]”, and she’ll take care of it for you.

2. Order a Ride From Uber or Lyft: Need an Uber or Lyft somewhere? As long as the apps are installed and you’re logged in, Siri can order a ride for you via the service of your preference.

3. Search For Pictures on Pinterest: Looking for a specific picture, based on a specific topic, on Pinterest? Just ask Siri for help, and she’ll show you exactly what you want to see.

4. Search For Apps Using The Roll: ‘The Roll’ is a great 3rd party app, similar to Apple’s Photos, that allows you to store your location-based images for easy viewing and access. And, in this instance, you can now use Siri to locate and present specific images taken at certain times. For instance, ask Siri to find “the best photo” taken at “[such and such event] last Summer.”

5. Send Money To Someone: If you’ve ever used the Square Cash or Venmo apps to send money to your friends or family, then doing so just got a whole lot easier in iOS 10. Just ask Siri to send the precise dollar amount, to whom, and she’ll take care of everything.

6. Place a VoIP Call: Need to call your family, friends, or boss at work? You can now ask Siri to place those calls for you, using several different VoIP apps, including Viber, WeTalk, Skype, and others.

7. Send a Message Using WhatsApp: Using the popular social networking/communications app, WhatsApp, you can now send a message to your contacts using the sound of your voice. For example, try saying, “Hey Siri, using WhatsApp, send a message to Michael saying I’m on my way.”

8. Send a Message Using LinkedIn: Using Siri via the popular social/business networking site, LinkedIn, you can also send a message to specific contacts within your network. For instance, try saying, “Hey Siri, send a message using LinkedIn to Patrick saying ‘congratulations on the new job’.”

9. Use Siri with Apple’s CarPlay: Whether you’re trying to set a reminder, place a phone call, or change the song, Apple’s Siri/CarPlay integration in iOS 10 is sure to make your commute much more enjoyable. For example, if you’d like to place a call to someone, just ask Siri to do it for you over speaker.

10. Better Contextual Predictions Using QuickType: We’ve all used Apple’s QuickType to compose messages before, right? But did you know that in iOS 10, Siri can now help you be more accurate, based on her ability to retrieve saved data — such as calendar entries — from other apps? Try sending a message, for example, saying, “Hey Siri, send a text message to Chris saying I’ll be there when my dental appointment is over,” and Siri will automatically be able to retrieve the exact time your appointment ends, so long as it’s scheduled on your calendar.

11. Quickly Access Suggested Apps: Siri knows more, even if you’re not directly talking to her, in iOS 10. For example, the iOS keyboard might suggest certain apps when you’re typing the name of them in text messages, and so, in that instance, Siri will then present you with additional details about that app.

12. Quickly Access Suggested Locations: 3rd party app developers can now send location information directly to the Maps app in iOS 10. So, for argument sake, when you have a specific, eligible app downloaded, you’ll be able to access certain tidbits of information pertaining to that app directly from Siri via the Maps app.

13. Schedule a Calendar Event: In iOS 10, you can now use Siri (who will in turn use specific details found within message or email threads) to schedule Calendar events on specific days and times. For example, if you’ve spoken roughly with your friend Matilda about getting coffee on April 29th at 2:15 pm, and that time slot is already occupied by another event, Siri will let you know as you’re communicating with her about scheduling that event.

14. Multilingual Typing: Trying to communicate in two different languages within the same sentence? Siri now makes it easier than ever before to do it! Gone are the days when you’d have to switch between multiple keyboards; now you can simply ask Siri to send a message in Spanish/English, or any other combination of languages available on the iOS platform, for that matter (there’s a ton of them!)

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