Apple Card Holders Can Now Get 10% Cash Back at Nike

Apple Card Nike Daily Cash Promo
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The Apple Card already offers a 3% cash back on all purchases from Apple and other select merchants. That’s a reasonably generous offer for a no-fee credit card, but Apple also comes up with other lucrative cash-back promos from time to time to sweeten the pot. After all, this is a company that paid out $1 billion in cash back in 2023 alone.

Such is the case with Apple’s latest partnership, where it’s teamed up with Nike to offer a healthy boost of 10% cash back over the next week.

Nike is already one of the Apple Card partners that offers 3% Daily Cash, along with Apple itself and others like Ace Hardware, Duane Reade, Exxon, Mobil, Panera Bread, T-Mobile, Uber, Uber Eats, and Walgreens. So, this is technically a 7% “bonus earn” on top of the standard 3%.

Like most offers of this nature, there’s also a time limit an a cap on how much cash back you can earn. In this case, the deal is available for only one week, April 25 through May 2, and the maximum Daily Cash you’ll be able to earn is $50. After that, you’ll go back to the standard 3% rate.

That means you’re getting $35 in Bonus Daily Cash if you make $500 in Nike purchases between now and May 2. The other $15 of that $500 spend is the 3% you’d get from the Apple Card anyway.

Naturally, this deal is only available in the US because the Apple Card is only available in the US. However, all purchases from Nike qualify as long as you’re using Apple Pay — whether they’re made online at or, in “select Nike apps,” or at a Nike retail location in the US. Sadly, you won’t be able to take advantage of this offer if you’re traveling abroad, as international Nike stores don’t qualify. That’s not surprising, as they don’t provide the standard 3% Daily Cash either.

Here’s the most relevant part of the fine print:

“10% Daily Cash: Valid 4/25/24 through 5/2/24 (“Offer Period”). All Existing Apple Card holders will earn a total of 10% Daily Cash on up to $500 in total Qualifying Purchases made at Nike using your Apple Card with Apple Pay. The 10% earn rate includes the 3% standard earn on Nike purchases plus an additional 7% bonus earn. The maximum total Daily Cash you can earn through this offer is $50 (which is $35 in Bonus Daily Cash). Qualifying Purchases at Nike include purchases made within the U.S. by Existing Apple Card holders using Apple Card with Apple Pay at participating Nike stores,, the Nike mobile app, the Nike SNKRS app, or (collectively “Nike Platforms”). Excluded from Qualifying Purchases are Nike products sold outside of the Nike Platforms by third party merchants.”

Since the deal doesn’t apply to Nike products sold elsewhere, you may have to measure the 10% Daily Cash offer against sales on those products that are often available from third-party retailers. However, since the Apple Card provides Daily Cash, at least you won’t have to wait weeks or months to get the 10% back, which means, if nothing else, the offer may level the playing field.

Apple has previously offered other Daily Cash promos targeted at more limited audiences. Last summer, new Apple Card holders could get 10% Daily Cash on App Store purchases, and an invite-only offer last fall provided 5% Daily Cash on travel and dining, with fairly high spending caps.

Apple Card Nike Daily Cash Promo in Wallet app

However, unlike those, this limited-time Nike promotion appears to be available to all Apple Card holders in the US. If you haven’t received a notification or email, you should be able to find it by opening your Wallet app, selecting your Apple Card, and checking the “Daily Cash” section.

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