Six Great MagSafe Wallet Alternatives for Your New iPhone 12

Best MagSafe Wallet Alternatives Credit: MOFT / Smartish
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Just last year, Apple unveiled the first MagSafe iPhone and some exciting accessories to put it to the test. MagSafe cases are simple but effective and produce a satisfying sound when you snap them on. And there are some third-party MagSafe accessories that you won’t believe weren’t made by Apple itself.

There is, however, one MagSafe accessory that didn’t deliver as it should have. We’re talking about the infamous MagSafe Wallet..

Even though the concept was interesting, Apple’s delivery fell sort of flat. The MagSafe Wallet’s magnet isn’t that strong, and may accidentally slide off, which wouldn’t be a big problem if you didn’t have your ID, credit cards, and cash in it.

Fortunately, other companies have made some great wallets for your iPhone. If you don’t want to carry much with you, here are six iPhone wallets you’ll want to try. 

MOFT Snap-On MagSafe Phone Stand and Wallet


This is probably the best iPhone wallet you can get and is Apple’s biggest competition in the MagSafe Wallet department. We’re talking about this iPhone Stand and Wallet from MOFT.

This beautiful and minimalistic wallet gives you everything you’d expect from a wallet plus much more. It can easily carry up to three cards or some cash, but as you could figure out from the name, it also works as a phone stand. The best part is that you can adjust it for portrait and landscape mode because this wallet does support MagSafe.

It’s functional, beautiful, minimalistic, and cheaper than the MagSafe Wallet. If you’re looking for a great replacement for the MagSafe Wallet, this is a great place to start.

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Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case


If you don’t like covers on your iPhone, but you still want a leather case that’s beautiful to look at, then the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case will give you what you need.

In just a few words, this case is beautiful and functional. On the inside, the case is strong enough to keep your iPhone safe against falls, and on the outside, the case is covered in leather to give it a sleek design.

And yes, this case also has room for your credit cards. It has a small pocket on the back that gives you enough room for two or three credit cards, or maybe some cash.

Granted, you won’t have much room for extra items in this wallet case, but if you’re a light traveler and you want to show off your iPhone 12, then this is the case to go for.

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Urban Armor Gear Case

Urban Armor Gear Case iPhone

Now, if you want something that really protects your iPhone, on the front and back, and also has enough room for your cash, this Urban Armor Gear Case is the way to go.

With this case, you won’t have to worry about dropping your iPhone. This Armor Gear case meets military drop-test standards to endure virtually any hit while keeping your iPhone as thin as possible.

On the front, there’s a honeycomb web cover for your iPhone’s screen without adding much extra weight. This cover is where you’ll store all your cash and credit cards, but what’s great about it is that you can also use it as a stand for your iPhone.

The best part about this case is that despite all the protection it gives you, you’re still able to wirelessly charge your iPhone without removing it. It’s the strongest, most convenient wallet case on the list.

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Bella Fino Wallet Case

Bella Fino

If you’re not looking for protection, and you want something more stylish to carry on your iPhone, this Bella Fino Wallet case will do the trick.

This is the type of case that you’ll immediately know you want. It’s made entirely of leather, and it’s been stitched with French hemmed seams. You can even add a strap to give you a more refined look.

If you’re looking for functionality, this case also has it. You can store from five to seven cards inside the cover and you’ll still have room for cash. Pad and Quill even offer a 25-year leather warranty and a lifetime warranty on the elastic strap.

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Smartish iPhone Wallet Case


This Smartish iPhone case combines a solid case for your iPhone with a minimal wallet with enough room for your money and credit cards.

The case itself looks sleek, but still provides protection, and it also has air pockets in the corners to protect your iPhone when it falls. Although, it’ll be hard to drop your iPhone because of the textured sides that give you a better grip.

On the back, there’s a small slot where you can push out what you carry. It’s got space for three credit cards and some cash.

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AgentWhiteUSA Wallet


If you want a really cheap version of the MagSafe Wallet that you know will always stick to your iPhone, then this wallet from AgentWhiteUSA might be perfect for you.

Keep in mind, though, this isn’t a MagSafe Wallet. Instead, it just sticks to the back of your iPhone with an adhesive. This adhesive is powerful enough to last you for a while, but you won’t be able to remove it and put it back on like the MagSafe Wallet.

As you can see, the wallet is simple, but it has enough space to carry your necessary items. You can fit up to three credit cards in it, and it even has room for some cash. That being said, this minimalistic wallet will give you the “MagSafe Wallet-like” experience for less than $6.

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