Apple’s MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 12 Has One Big Problem

MagSafe Leather Wallet for iPhone 12 Credit: Michael Steeber / 9to5Mac
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Apple is touting its MagSafe wallet as a stylish and functional way to protect your phone and carry your credit cards. Having a wallet that attaches to your iPhone magnetically is an excellent idea, well, until it isn’t.

There is a significant flaw with the MagSafe wallet that you won’t discover until you actually start to use it.

The MagSafe wallet attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 series using a ring of magnets embedded into the back of the case. The magnet is strong enough to hold when shaking the phone, but questions remain about how it will stand up to everyday use.

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This newly-imagined MagSafe system allows you to slip both the wallet and the iPhone into your pocket together, at once. But your pocket may be the Achilles heel of this system.

If you are not careful about removing your wallet and phone from your pocket, the two may become separated. The same may happen when you put your phone in a pocket.

You may have a scenario where the phone slides into your pocket, but the wallet falls to the floor.

To avoid having the iPhone 12 detach from the wallet, you have to be deliberate in how you remove it or slip it into your pocket.

The key is to grip the wallet and the phone, firmly holding them together.

It’s not exactly the seamless experience for which Apple is known. And it’s not just websites talking about this flaw. MagSafe wallet owners are beginning to complain about this issue on social media. Apple has yet to comment.

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