Apple’s Discounting All of These Products for Back-to-School Season

Apple Back to School Discounts Credit: Angel House Studios / Shutterstock
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For college students who want to buy Apple products, Apple announces a summer of discounts specifically for students picking up new devices.

Whether you’re looking for an iPad accessory to make multi-device research easier, or want a MacBook to help manage your latest classroom livestream, there are deals that can help out! We’re taking a look at the best of them to help you decide.

We don’t know exactly when the back-to-school deals will end, but it’s a good idea to make your purchase before September, around which time Apple usually ends all the big discounts.

Oh, and if this is your first year, it’s a good idea to doublecheck what devices your school or specific programs will supply you with, so you avoid buying something you don’t really need.

Free AirPods with Purchase

One of the best student deals of 2020 is that Apple will throw in a pair of AirPods if you buy a Mac or iPad while the discount is running. If you don’t already have AirPods that’s a pretty nice deal, and even if you have your own preferred headphones, the AirPods make a nice, compact alternative that can be better for certain situations (and make answering calls easy).

The AirPods come with a normal charging case. However, you can upgrade to the wireless charging case for $40, or switch entirely to the AirPods Pro for $90. Look for these deals when you check out at the online Apple Store.

MacBook Air 13-inch $100 Discount

The 13-inch MacBook Air is the perfect portable laptop for on-the-move students. If you think you’ll be heading back to campus this year, it’s a great choice for taking notes in the classroom or typing up essays when you’re a little short on physical space. Keep in mind though, its webcam isn’t very good.

MacBook Pro 16-inch $200 Discount

The 16-inch Pro model is a great pick for an all-around school computer that can handle a little of everything, including design work. It’s also a good choice for portable video conferencing with your class or team, If you’ve been eyeing a MacBook Pro as an upgrade option for your laptop, now is an excellent time to buy as the larger model has up to a $200 discount through Apple.

iMac $250 Discount

If you’re more interested in setting a stationary workcenter, the all-in-one iMac is a perfect pick – incredibly easy to set up and ideal for desks that don’t have a lot of space. The large display also gives plenty of room to have multiple windows open at once, a great choice for at-home research and design. Those features also make it a great machine for video conferencing whenever you need to! Apple’s taking off about $250 for these computers.

iPad Pro $50 Off

While the discount isn’t huge for the iPad Pro, it’s certainly worth looking at as a valuable college accessory. Pair it with a keyboard, and it’s a perfect note-taking machine – while also being large and powerful enough to function as a laptop substitute for bigger projects.

It also pairs very well as a companion device for an iMac or MacBook, allowing you to shift data or voice chats between two screens as needed – or use it as a sketching pad thanks to Apple’s Sidecar technology. You can even use it to stream some entertainment while getting your assignments completed on a larger computer!

You can also get the iPad Air at a discounted price, but it’s only around $30 off. It’s still a worthy consideration if you don’t mind a smaller, more portable device.

iPad Accessory Discounts

If you’re going to be using an iPad for college work, then a durable keypad is one of the most useful accessories that you’ll find. Apple is selling both its magic keyboard and smart keyboard folio at discounted prices, with models available for both the iPad Pros and the iPad Air.

These accessories are around $20 off for the school year, so now is the time to buy. If you plan on using your iPad more for sketching or similar tasks, the Apple Pencil is also around $10 off.

Note that Apple is also selling the smart cover as part of its student deals, but there’s no actual discount – it’s the same price.

5% to 10% Discount on Other Accessories

Apple has a range of accessories that can pair with their computers or help make your college living space a better place. That includes basic sleeves for an iPad, new charging cables, noise-canceling headphones, and a lot more. You can even get a HomePod, which is now (probably permanently) $300 instead of $350, if your room really needs a smart speaker. It’s not guaranteed that every accessory will have a discount, but most do!

AppleCare+ Discount

AppleCare+ is an extra warranty for your devices that also increases your support options. If you are interested in adding extra protection or services to your new devices, you can get AppleCare+ for 20% off. It’s not for everyone, but the discount does make it more viable, especially if you’re getting multiple new Apple devices at the same time.

Discounted Apple Music Subscription

As a special deal for college students, Apple is also offering six months of free Apple Music, and a unique subscription discount of only $5. This discount also includes the Apple TV+ subscription, and getting both for only $5 is a pretty great deal if you enjoy Apple content. Don’t forget to activate this deal after you get your devices, if only to check out what’s available during your free months.

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